July 29, 2015

{Cavity Free!}

Owen had to have a dental check up this year for school, so I made his appointment at Just Kidz Dentistry.

We went there for all three kids last time and it was a truly enjoyable experience. They worked with Owen and tried to make it as pleasant an experience for him as possible. Of course he had to have laughing gas (twice) and he had to strapped down (which sounds worse than it is) but they got him through it.

This time was a more pleasant visit than the last, and the last one was more pleasant than the first. So we're moving in the right direction here!

They checked his teeth. One of his six year molars is still coming through so that might end up causing discomfort at some point. He has two loose teeth in front. She said that these will come out soon and then he should take a break from losing them for a while. I'm glad cause he's damn near toothless at this point lol.

He got his teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment.

All of this happened while he was wearing Spiderman sun glasses and watch Home. Why didn't my dentist have cartoons playing while we waited around and got our teeth worked on? All we got were those little fisher price houses with the people with no arms to play with lol.

Certainly a different experience than when we were kids right?

He is cavity free, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me! Last time he had a cavity in one tooth and had to have a crown in the other :(. I know, bad mom aware goes to me on that one.

We've cut way back on the sugar now though. We don't buy fruit snacks anymore either. The last thing I want is to have to put my kid through that again because I couldn't tell him no. Ya know?

I'm not saying they don't get things with sugar in them. We buy juice boxes and Capri Sun's all the time. In fact there is a box of Capri Sun's in the fridge right now. And I'm not saying we don't ever let them have candy, because we do. Hell I buy him some form of candy every time we're at Kroger (which is about every two weeks). I just don't let him get anything that will stick to his teeth.

He also knows he can't have certain things and he needs to chew candy on the opposite side as the crown. He calls it his Bionic Tooth (thank you Lab Rats for making my kid believe he can have a bionic anything lol).

They gave him a new tooth brush of course, along with a pick flosser thing, kids tooth paste, a TMNT tooth brush, a bouncy ball, and two coupons for free shakes at McDonald's (so random).

Of course we will end up throwing the tooth brush out tomorrow when he brushes away the fluoride with it. He has a power tooth brush anyway with Spiderman on it so no big loss to be honest.

But in all, today was a good trip to the dentist. I'm glad. I hate when my baby is not happy or is uncomfortable in any way shape or form.

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