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July 6, 2015

{Relaxing Sunday for Mom and Dad}

It has been a while since D and I got to spend some time alone. After the fireworks last on Saturday (since it's 3am on Monday morning right now), my grandma came to pick up Gaige and ended up taking all three with her. I don't know how that happened. I kept telling Owen that I really wanted to go on the bike with daddy and that he could spend some time at grandma's house. He finally caved. It's hard to get that kid away from me lol.

We woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) around 8:30am and got on the bike. First thing we did was wash her and get her looking all pretty again. D said that was the first time she has been washed all season. Ridiculous!

Then we had breakfast (I had an egg white cheese omelet and some fruit) at a little diner down the street. It was so good! I wish I could tell you where it is but that would give away too much info about where I live. And there's crazies out there you know!

Then we headed out again and ended up at D's favorite park. It's actually our go-to when we're just toodling around. We went there on our first date even lol.

We hung out there for a little while and then it was back on the road. We ended up at Wild Life Prairie Park. We've been there three times now this season. Which is kind of funny because that's more than we've been out there in a few years.

We took the train around, which was more enjoyable when I was a kid I think. Then walked around looking at the animals. And did you know they have long horn cows over there? I had no idea. Why? Because it's a part of the park you don't usually walk to. You can only see them from the train.

It took us about an hour to walk through the rest of the park. We had ice cream at the snack stand, which was so good! I love ice cream!

Oh! I can't forget to mention this little guy. We saw him (a chipmunk I believe..he was not singing though..) at the train depot while we were waiting! He let D get dangerously close to him before he scurried off. The animals over there are way too used to people.

When we left there we headed to his grandma's house. And here is where our day took a turn. As we were driving down the high way this massive bird shit on the bike. When I say massive I mean it could have very well been a pterodactyl for all I know. It was huge. And when I say shit, I mean there had to of been a good 10lb of bird poo on my just washed motorcycle. D said the bird flew off the lake, but all I saw was a huge bird, then white stuff come out his butt and we ducked just in time for us to hit it. So gross! I've been riding bikes my entire life, since I was at least two, and I've never seen anything like that before!

Is that the most disgusting thing you've ever seen or what?? (PS I took a video of the bike on my Instagram if you want to see that)

He washed it off at his grandmas and then we got movies and came home. We didn't end up watching them both though. We got Home Sweet Hell and Get Hard. Home Sweet Hell wasn't horrible. Get Hard is stupid. And I like stupid movies lol. It was stupid even for a stupid movie. So yeah, we ended up going to sleep watching that one. I was so tired. The last couple days have just completely worn me out. Of course being up until 330 in the morning doesn't help matters too much does it?

So this is where I'm going to leave you folks. Hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend! I sincerely hope that a huge bird didn't shit on your bike too. That is gonna be a story to tell forever lol.
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