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July 22, 2015

{Back to School Shopping!}

It is finally that time of year folks! The time of year that most (if not all) parents rejoice at the mere mention of. Yes, it's back to school time!

I for one am extremely excited about the coming event and can not wait to get this year under way. I'm taking the organized approach this year and making sure everyone is on track and where they should be right off the bat. Registration isn't until the first couple days in August (which is fast approaching) but I'm already planning what I can do to keep these kids (mainly the bigger ones, Owen has no problem with school so far) in line.

For starters, I'm going to see about setting up a plan for Dawn's behavior right away. Maybe I'll see about making an appointment to meet with her teachers and her principal so we can establish that no one is buying her crap this year, and so we can all get on the same page.

Gaige already has an IEP so I don't really have to worry about him until his next meeting. But I intend on having him a little more organized too to be honest. If I can get his teacher to communicate with me a little more than the one last year did, I'll be set.

But of course, before I can do any of that, I had to go back to school shopping. This year was a little different because I didn't have to buy for Gaige. I guess 6th grade this year trying out this whole, you give us money and we'll buy the supplies deal. Works for me! One less thing I need to worry about. Dawn went shopping with me last week and we got everything we needed for both her and Owen except her school clothes and his gym shoes (or new shoes in reality because he can wear cheapo shoes for PE).

I spent $130 at Target and managed to get everything in one stop! Something that has never happened before. I usually end up screwing up somewhere and forgetting something and making two or three more trips. *Sigh* Whatever. I was on top of shit this time around!

What did I get for my money you ask?

This basket full of awesomeness for starters! I even managed to get Owen some character things so his would stand out against everyone else's. His list called for 1 orange and 1 green folder. By the time I got to Target there were only the expensive folders left. I don't know about you, but I'm not into paying $3 for something like that. When I passed by an end display with Avengers and Minion merchandise (mixed in with some Frozen stuff too) I spotted that Hulk folder right there. Hulk, my sweet readers, is green. Boom! I dug through to see if I could find an orange folder of some sort and found an orange minion one. Double Boom!

Dawn was a little more fun to shop for this year. I wanted to make sure she was as organized as possible so there were no two things of the same color. This way she can't say I grabbed the wrong binder like she did so many times last year.

I also picked up a pretty planner for her.
Found at Target

Now, the school does provide a planner. But I always liked to have my own so that no one would mistake mine for theirs. Plus, this one has month tabs and she should be able to stay a little more organized with this one. *fingers crossed*

I bought her folders at Walmart for .40c for four! Woohoo!

The bulk of the items in the basket were for her. She seemed to need a ridiculous amount of stuff. I also ended up purchasing a new calculator, even though her old one was perfectly fine she just "lost" it last year. Most likely because math is her least favorite subject and she needed a reason to not do her work in class. This will not fly this year. We have D's back up calculator from when he was in college a few years ago. If she loses hers this year, she'll be taking her dads to school.

We ended up choosing lunch boxes also. Owen went unique with his choice this year and skipped the character boxes :). It's a rare thing. They had a hamburger and a cookie too but they were round and I didn't see how those would work with square sandwiches and all. This one is so cute though!

Found at Target

Dawn got this one. She is choosing to take her lunch this year. So if she ends up spending money at school, she gets to also pay for it herself. Which was a big fight we continuously had last year.

Found at Target
Owen also ended up with a SpongeBob book bag..

But we went to Ross for Dawn's bookbag. A Betsy Johnson that sort of matches the purse she got last year for Christmas.
Find one Here (your best bet is to look at a Ross though if you're wanting designer for cheap)

Gaige still needs a new lunch box, he hates school lunches. And he insists he'll be reusing his book bag from last year. So we shall see about that.

But for the most part, I'm done. I can't wait to pack these kids up and ship off on their first day lol.
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