June 5, 2015

{Vacation Planning}

Sometimes being a mom in the summer time sucks. Other times it's really fun. But most of the time, it sucks lol. The best part of my past couple summers have been the trips we've taken. I went on vacations every single summer with my grandparents. It didn't usually matter where we were going, we just wanted to get out of town. Sometimes in the motorhome and sometimes in a van. Either way, it was always a good time. I have said before I want to give my kids that same experience. And we can finally afford to give them those experiences. The last couple years we've gone to St. Louis. Until March, we had planned on heading north instead of south and going to the Dells. But after I broke my ankle we pretty much just called the trip off.

In fact until about a week ago, I had pretty much given up hope of taking a vacation this year because I didn't think with my medical bills that we'd be able to afford it. It kind of broke my heart a little bit. The kids were already talking about our next trip after our last trip lol, so I hated to not take them anywhere. Luckily our insurance paid the majority of the bills (oh there was still plenty for us to pay, don't get me wrong), and D said we could take a small trip but something as big as the Dells would have to wait.

So we started talking about maybe Six Flags again this year. Then of course D started thinking it was going to be boring for the kids since we had already gone once. But I thought since they were all a little older they'd enjoy it even more this time around. Plus, we would be more prepared this time because we (D and I) had gone on our own also and sort of roamed more freely and gotten a hold on where things were and such. Plus, I would love to go back! I'm in love with amusement parks! So I got to thinking...what else could we do while we're down there? Then it hit me.

Grant's Farm!!

I've been twice. Once with my moms dad and once when I was pregnant with Gaige with my moms siblings and my grandma and pawpaw. It was a good time! Plus, it's free admission and most everything that might cost a little something extra (feeding animals, carousel/camel rides) is just that, a little something. You pay $12 to park and that's it. You can eat there as well. It was so much fun when I went those times. I'm sure everyone would love it. It's no different than Wild Life Prairie Park which we have been to twice this year alone.

As far as the hotel goes, we can stay at the hotel D and I did when we went on our trip last year. The Holiday Inn right across the street from Six Flags. There is a shuttle to and from the park (so no parking fee). It makes it easier to get there in the morning at open and then maybe leave for lunch and take a break, then go back later after a rest. There's a little arcade and a pizza place right there in the hotel also. The best part is it delivers to your room. That is awesome when you've got cranky tired kids and they need to relax while you're waiting for food. If you're a parent, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We can go to Six Flags one day and then Grants Farm the next and go home the next morning. I have it all planned out lol.

I'm pretty excited about the idea of this. Lets just see if I can convince D that this is the best trip for us this year. Since next year we will be going to Florida. If I have to crawl the entire way there damn it!!

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