June 3, 2015

{Retail Therapy!}

Dawn and I decided today was a good day to have ourselves a little shopping spree. She had birthday money to spend and I needed more bulbs for my wallflowers. Not to mention its the 3rd of the month. Its been six months now. I couldn't let myself dip into the sadness. I do that enough as it is. I needed to be out of the house and away from thoughts of the person who isn't here anymore.  So off we went.

She ended up with 6 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a bulb for her wallflower, and a package of tattoo markers. She had $100 to start out with and when we got home she had $5 lol. She got some cute clothes though. Which she needed badly. The girl just keeps growing. I don't know how to stop it! We found out she can finally fit into the juniors. She's an XS-S but she can fit damn it! I'm glad too cause I'm over all the little kid clothes in the girls section. They're too young for her. So this is a happy development for those of us tired of her wearing clothes by Disney Channel actresses.

I spent $14 at Sephora and picked up a bigger tube of Hand Food because its literally the best hand cream I've ever experienced. I also picked up a tub of The Righteous Butter (body butter). It smells amazing and I knew I needed it immediately. I almost bought some scrub but I passed. I'll pick it up the next time I'm there. Or apparently the drug stores are gonna start carrying Soap&Glory so I'll pick it up the next time I'm at Target and see it. If you haven't tried it yet, you need to! It will all change your life! OK..well maybe not change your life but you will absolutely love it.

Bath&Body Works. Also known as every woman's crack, is where I stocked up on my bulbs. They had several new scents. I chose some pretty good ones I believe ;). I got Lavender & Vanilla (its in the living room right now), Watermelon Lemonade (my favorite right now so I bought 2), Sweet Caramel Comfort (smells like cookies!), and Sundress.

I also scooped up this wallflower for the living room. I've been using a snowflake for a long time. Its June. Time to change that business lol. It looks really good too :).

So that's my little haul. I bought a shirt at Rue21 also. So woohoo for me! And I didn't even spend all my money lol.

So I made it through pretty much the whole day. We will see if I can get through the rest without some kind of mental break down or a ridiculous tantrum from Dawn. Since she got stuff she wanted today its bound to happen. Ridiculous yes. But she does it every time we have a good day. Every single time. Blah.

Hope you're enjoying your week!