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June 15, 2015

{Kicking It Into Gear}

I am so far behind where I was this time last year. In fact, I'm about 8lb from where I started. I am so disappointed in myself. I can't blame anyone but me. I quit weight watchers thinking I could do it on my own. Which I'm sure had I stuck with it at least a year, I probably could have eventually. But I fell back into old habits. Then I got depressed..and depression does not lend a helpful hand to weight loss. Breaking my ankle was probably the best thing to happen to me though lol. I couldn't get up and just snack all the time like I could before or like I can now. I actually ended up losing what I'd gained and then some. And then I gained it all back. I don't know what my damn problem is. How is me sitting in a chair but not snacking better than me moving around and not snacking? Lol Beyond annoying.

But I've recently decided to kick my ass into gear. Mainly after seeing this picture my sister in law posted from our trip to the zoo yesterday.

I am so ashamed at how I look. Ugh. I was doing so damn good. Now look at me. I'm a heffer again. And I feel like crap.
So I've started really tracking again. I'm still not ready for the gym. I can't walk very fast. I still get swollen too. I'm not trying to injure myself again ya know? So I think I'm gonna attempt yoga again. I've always loved it anyway. Maybe it'll help with my ankle?
My unofficial goal is 10lb by the time we leave for vacation. That would put me either close to or in the 180s. Please let me meet this goal! PLEASE!
We shall see where I am come July.