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August 5, 2016

{ #weightwatchers Bye Bye Smart Points}

Well folks, I gave weight watchers smart points a solid four months. I've lost six pounds so far and I'm giving it up. It's just not working for me. That doesn't mean it won't work for you. So if you're wanting to try it out, you definitely should.

My experience though is that I have stopped losing. I have been bouncing from 214 to 217 for weeks and I'm over it. Smart points seemed like it would be great at first. I lost that first six pounds relatively quickly. I thought their high protein, low carb/sugar plan would work great for me. But it just doesn't. Not at all actually. And I'm finding that because it's so easy to earn the fit points (activity points) that I'm more likely to go over my daily points and not think twice about it. That's no good at all.

So I canceled my membership and decided to go back to points plus through the Value Diary app I've had for a while and haven't been using. The app itself is $2.99 but that's still cheaper than a weight watchers membership. I also signed up for premium which is $.99 a month for me to be able to sync my Fitbit to it. Also cheaper than the $20 a month I was paying weight watchers to do all the same things this app does.

So if you're wanting to try weight watchers but don't want to deal with the fees, download that app (this is not sponsored post by the way lol).

On top of leaving the smart points plan and going back to points plus, I've given up soda for the month of August. I've done this before and lost nothing. But I wasn't also on weight watchers, so I was eating crappy food on top of it. Which means, it was doing nothing. Anyway, I'm going to keep it going for August and see how I do. Nothing but water. After that I'm hoping to give up soda mainly for the month of Sept. But we'll see how that goes when the time comes.

So those are my plans. As far as exercise goes, I'm hoping that once the kids start school I'll be more inclined to get on the treadmill. I'll have to dress to take Owen to school anyway, so I might as well do what I did when I was going to the gym and just go ahead and dress in my work out clothes right?

We'll see lol.