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August 29, 2016

{Disney Bound...But Not Yet!}

I have been waiting years for this! D and I have been talking about going to Disney for the longest time, since before we even moved to this house. Well, really I have been talking about going to Disney for years. And I've been bothering D about it basically every summer lol.

I can't help it though, many of you already know that I went to Disneyland with my grandparents when I was fifteen and I loved it. I've been wanting to go back ever since.

As many of you also know we were planning on going a few years ago but our plans fell through when we had someone else move in with us (ugh!). But this summer I told D that it was this year or I was going to have to divorce him ;).

So today we did it! We booked our trip! I've done countless hours of research on pinterest and WDW Prep School, along with other sites dedicated to making the most out of your first Disney vacation.

We're staying at the amazingly cute Port Orleans Resort- Riverside.

It's decorated in Princess and the Frog. Definitely one of my favorite Disney movies since Sleeping Beauty. I'm in love with it! I can't wait to get there and see the kids faces light up! Plus, there's fishing! Gaige will love it.

We'll be staying five days at the resort and going to the park for four. We didn't get any fancy options with our tickets. We figured we'd do one park a day and see how that works out. I know people say you can't see most of the parks in one day, but I'm sure we'll see quite a bit of it.

We did end up getting a dining plan, I hadn't really decided if it was going to be worth it or not. But D's friend went not that long ago and he said it was. He said there was so much food they had more than enough at each meal and they also had meals to bring home with them!

D keeps saying he's not excited about going but I think he is. He already has our route mapped out and everything lol. He wants to go down the day before and stay over night half way so he can see some caves or something.

He swears he's not excited, like he has no desire to go. He keeps saying I'm just going because you want to go but I know he'll have so much fun once we actually get on the road and get down there. And once he sees the kids faces light up...he's that type of guy lol. A push over when it comes to the kids.

Speaking of the heathens, we're not telling them until after Owens birthday in October, we might actually wait until Thanksgiving. I don't know though. I need to think up a fun way to tell them. Any ideas? I'm going through pinterest like a mad woman but nothing is jumping out at me that would be good.

So that's my post! I'm really going to try not to obsess I promise! But once it gets closer, I'm not going to guarantee that I'll be able to keep that promise! lol