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August 19, 2016

{Dawn's First Day}

Today was Dawn's first day of 9th grade! She had to be up by 6am. Well, in reality since she doesn't do anything with her hair and she doesn't wear makeup, she could have slept until 630am, but she didn't. I got up around 7 to make sure she was up because she had to be on the bus by 715. Ugh. Why does school start so early?

I told her to stand by the door to get pictures like I've done every single day for the last five years of living here and she gave me attitude about it of course. Which means I got crappy pictures.

The middle picture was after I posed her and told her to smile. That's the look she gives me when she wants me to know she hates me. I even told her I was going to tag her on facebook but she didn't care. She refused to smile. So this is what will be her first day of school pictures for her freshman year.

She had a decent day though I guess. She came home complaining that she got a headache from everyone yelling. I told her she should get used to it high school isn't quiet lol. I'm going to have her take a bottle of ibuprofen to school with her and she can get some when she needs it.

This is last year vs this year.