October 2, 2015

{Christmas Shopping!}

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm almost done Christmas shopping for Dawn. I know. I could get her so much more lol. But for the most part, she could be done and have plenty of nice new things to enjoy.

So far I've gotten her..

An origami kit! She started doing this last year in art I believe and she has shown quite an interest. So when we were walking around barnes and noble one day we scooped it up. She's a pretty crafty kid.

She had a lap desk once and I think I stepped on it and cracked it at one point. She hasn't had one since then. So we also grabbed this while checking out at barnes and noble.

These next ones I'm pretty excited about!

While grandma and I were at Target the other day I was walking through the bedding trying to get an idea of what I might want to pick up eventually for Dawns room. Since we redid it she wanted blue as her accent color. I knew eventually the college collections would be on sale and sure enough...it was!

I scored her a comforter (I couldn't find a picture of the one I bought. Boo!) right off the bat. It came with a pillow case I believe also. For $10!!

Then I walked a little further and found a sheet set. I couldn't find the ones I bought but this is the design on them.

Then, because I was hitting all the right areas today, I also found a body pillow that matches her comforter! It has a dark mark on it, so even though it was already on sale for $6 I got 10% more off!

Isn't it pretty?! She's going to love all this new stuff. She's been sleeping on the purple sheets we bought for Cassie and they're too big for her bed. Her comforter is a Dora one she got when she was seven. So it's been needing changed for a while. It's hard to go out and spend money on something like that though because she was cutting up her comforter and got blue nail polish all over her sheets. I didn't want her to get pissed off at me and destroy something I spent $100 on (and you roll your eyes like I'm sure she wouldn't do that, but she has/does).

I went to JCPenny the other day and got her two new shirts also that were on clearance.

Today while I was at Target I found the lights she wants also. So I'm going to pick those up next week.
I'm going to hit Ulta eventually and get her some more makeup and brushes. But this and some jeans (and the phone we're planning to get both her and Gaige) are all she's getting under the tree. I think that's quite a lot and all of it is something she needs and something she wants.

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