October 29, 2015

{Just Rambling In the Car}

I'm just sitting here in front of the school waiting for the kids to come out and I thought I'd take a minute and blog.
I am kind of ready for Halloween to be over now. I am not looking forward to another Thanksgiving or Christmas without my grandpa but I am finding my holiday spirit again and I want to put up my tree and start decorating lol.
Owens Halloween parade at school is tomorrow (so be on the lookout for those pics soon!) and then his party (I'm bringing the drinks!). He's pretty excited to show his friends his Baymax costume lol. Gaige is going to the shop to hand out candy with my grandma I guess. He doesn't want to trick or treat this year..and thats fine. I was probably around his age when I stopped too. I ended up walking with the other kids though. Dawn is still excited. Her nerd girl costume is cute! 

I went up to Golds Gym to sign up for a membership again. Those bastards want $50 just to sign up! What?! No. I said Eff that and walked out. I just want to use the damn treadmill. I don't want a personal trainer or anything like that. I don't want to tan or have anyone wipe my ass. I just need to lose weight walk/dancing to my favorite songs. That's it. So I'm gonna suck it up and start walking over at the park after I drop off Owen. D suggested we just buy a cheap treadmill. I feel like that's a better idea anyway. I can watch what I want to and not have to worry about what I look like doing it. But what kind of an effing rip off is that price to sign up though?! Ridiculous.
We also got to talking today about moving. Out of state. Like to Kentucky lol. I doubt it'll ever happen but I told him that if he got a job making as much or more than he does here that I would happily pick up and move. I won't go anywhere though until he has a job. That would be an awful idea. I just don't feel like Illinois has anything I need to stay for anymore. I was staying because I didn't want to leave my family but I don't see anyone anyway. I also didn't want to take Gaige from my grandpa. But he's not here to tell me I can't go. So that takes care of that.
I know I let my grandparents and Gaige make a lot of the decisions for me. I hated the idea of him and my grandpa not getting their time together though. It broke my heart. Hell my grandpa tried to get me to let him live with them lol.
It would be nice to move somewhere else though. I've lived here my entire life. And so has D and our kids. It would be amazing to give them different surroundings. Do you know what I mean? I know its probably just a dream...but its a good one.
Alright so that's my rambling for the day. Nothing too exciting happening around here. What are your kids going to be for Halloween?