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October 23, 2015

{Things I Do at Midnight}

I should be sleeping right now. But I'm not. D and I just took back a movie to the video store. Dark Places..have you heard of it? Neither had we. But we figured that any movie with Charlize Theron in it couldn't be a bad decision. We were right. It was a good movie. Certainly not what I was expecting from a straight to DVD. I was pleasantly surprised. 

Anyway, here I am at 12:30am blogging instead of doing what I should be doing, sleeping.

There are so many things I do when I should be sleeping. I'm a night owl. I blame it on my dad..he's a night owl too. 

I pin. I have several boards that I have full of things I'll never do and recipes I'll never make. The ones I love the most though are the d├ęcor I'll never buy and the rooms that will never be Pinterest pretty. Right now I'm searching holiday themed pins. I have a few for Halloween, some for Thanksgiving, and a ridiculous amount for Christmas. I loved Christmas. It was tough last year to get through. Real tough. And I don't see it getting much better this year. But the show must go on right? I've got kids, and those kids still need to feel the magic in Christmas. Plus, I'm an idiot and said that D's grandma, aunt, and Tristen should come over here on Christmas eve. We usually go to their house but its getting pretty cramped in there. Plus, I like staying home. I'd never admit it out loud, but I also like to entertain family in my house. That's why we bought it. So we could have people over and not be ashamed of where we were. So..I guess its going to be out new tradition. 

I also game. Do you play Kitchen Scramble on your phone? You should!! It's so addictive! I'm almost done with Bon Chomps lol. Sometimes I switch over to Diner Dash. Both are a good time waster. 

I think too much. Doesnt every mom do that? When she lays down at night she goes through the list of stuff she keeps in her head for the next day. That's me. Every.Single.Night.

I doze off too. I'm doing it right now lol. Which is my eye balls telling me to put my phone down and go to sleep! Real sleep. So I'm going to! Good night folks!