April 28, 2015

{Full House is Coming Back?!}

As a child brought up in the 90's Full House was one of my favorite shows! I didn't relate to any of them for the most part, but I enjoyed watching the show. Michelle and Stephanie's one liners were hilarious to me. In fact, I often caught myself saying How rude! and You got it dude! and who can forget my favorite, Well pin a rose on your nose. There hasn't been a lot of shows I would like seen brought back, but this is certainly one of them.

According to blogs, E! News, and some of the original cast members themselves, shooting for the 13 episode series is set to begin this summer, and will air on Netflix. It focuses on a now grown up D.J. Fuller (hence the name), who has just lost her husband. D.J. (Candace Cameron-Bure) moves back into the family home (I believe) with her two boys, and one on the way. She asks her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber- now divorced with a daughter of her own) and sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) to move in with her to help her raise her boys. I believe most of the original cast is set to at least make appearances on the new show. With the exception of the Olsen twins (Michelle) who have not signed on and haven't really said too much about it.

I'm pretty freaking excited about this show. In fact, I will most likely get a Netflix account just to watch. So go Netflix for upping their users by simply airing one show.

I sort of wish they had changed it up a little more though. In the original show Danny (Bob Saget) had just lost his wife, he had 3 girls (D.J. has 2 boys, and is pregnant with an unspecified gender I think), Michelle was just a baby. He asks his best friend (Joey) and Brother-in-Law (Jesse) to move in to help him raise his girls. I really hope they can pull this off. It would be amazing to see the show come back to life.

I guess we shall see. After all, Disney Channel brought back Boy Meets World and it's ridiculously popular. Of course, they call it Girl Meets World and it focuses on Topanga and Cory's daughter, but still. It's a hit!

Are there any shows you would like to see brought back that you grew up watching?

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