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September 22, 2013

{Favorite Fall Polishes! }

I love nail polish!  I think if you follow me on either Facebook or twitter you know this already. I am an addict and I'm not ashamed! Because I am so in love with all things polish, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my favorites for fall :). Its here you know!

So here they are!

First up is Mrs. O' Learys BBQ by OPI
I got the idea from this MissJenFabulous on YouTube. She is by far one of my favorite beauty vloggers. Anyway- this color looks purple in the picture but it's really this deep BBQ color. I absolutely love it! When I can't decide what to wear, I go for this color every time in the fall.

Nute by Zoya
This is a new favorite. Although I'm not in love with formula because it takes 2 coats to come off as dark and opaque as I like it, I still love the color. In the store I thought it was a dark green but when I got it home and on my nails, it looked more grey.

Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze
I know this color is a little bright for fall when all the other colors I have pictured here are dark, but I think it brings a little color to my nails without going bubble gum pink in the fall/winter months. :) I actually just painted Drama Queens toes this color last night.

Pampaloma Purple by OPI
I just got this color a month or so ago, but I'm in love with it! It looks a lot brighter in this picture than it really is. You'd have to see how amazing the color is in person to really fall in love with it :).

Space Cadet by Orly
I don't usually like sparkly polishes. I find them hard to remove and I'm not 13, I don't want glitter all over my hands all the time. But this one is perfect for fall. It's not too glittery and it changes color depending on the light. Sometimes it looks gold and sometimes it's just black and sometimes it's kind of rainbow-y lol.

Fishnet Stockings by Essie
I love Essie polishes. This one is amazingly creamy and pretty. It's not a deep red more bright. But it's gorgeous on the nails.

So there you have it. My go to colors for fall. What are yours?