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September 29, 2013

{Parenting Sucks. I Quit.}

I think the Drama Queen is trying push me into an early grave. For real. That is the only explanation for why she would do this.

She has been doing so good with her behavior and not talking back and stuff lately. D and I have been very impressed. I told her that I was proud of her for it while we were finishing up the grocery shopping the other day. She said," yeah I've been controlling my mouth". Which is true. There have been no major blow ups for the past couple months.

Until today. She wanted to go outside and play with the neighbor kid. I let her. I went on about my business in the house. I looked out the kitchen window to check on her and what do I see? They were gathered around the fire pit trying to start a fire!! I actually saw her pick up some grass and hand it to him so the fire would start. *Ugh* I wen right out there and put a stop to it. She said "but I wasn't holding the striker so I shouldn't be in trouble!" I told her that was bs and that she knows better and I'm not dumb enough to believe that her handing him stuff to set on fire was her way of telling him to stop.

When we got back in the house I told her to get in the corner cause I was prettyad at her right then and she said "no. I'm going to my room to read." I'm sure as a mother you can appreciate how pissed it makes me when a child tells me no. So we went about 3 rounds arguing about it before she got in the corner and then she proceeded to keep arguing with me for about 15min after she got there.

In the end she argued and back talked herself into being grounded for 3mo (I said 2 but then she said "well you might as well make it 3), no trick or treating, and she has to sit at the table while at Little Boys party Thursday and not play (we are doing it at Chuck E Cheese). I threatened to give all the gifts we've already bought for Christmas to my cousins daughter too.

I don't know where she gets the idea that she can just do and say what she wants but I'm not going to have any kid talk to me like that. I'd have been missing teeth if I talked to my grandma like that. *sigh*

Then (oh yes there's more) D got up and he had 3 texts from the bank telling him that his card had been charged $45 this morning on the Xbox. Since I don't buy things on there or play games really (I'm on it for Netflix), the only other person was Drama Queen. When I asked her she said she was just playing a game (one we already downloaded). I figured it was an in game type of purchase. Come to find out she bought 2 friggin games!! And its not like she didn't know she was buying them because it tells you how much the game is and wants you to confirm it!! So if she wasn't grounded from the whole fire fit this afternoon she would have been grounded for that bs.

I have just had it with this girl I tell you what. Gaaaaah