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September 21, 2013

{I'm so on top of this...}

I am what some people today might call "over protective". I just call it being a good parent. There are so many predators and crazy people out there that are waiting to take advantage of kids that have little to no supervision. And the internet is a huge part of how they get to them. So I am so on top of what my kids do online that it borders on obsession.

When G and Drama Queen first got Facebook accounts I set them up and put their profiles on lock down. Friends from school and family are the only people allowed on their profiles. They aren't to tell anyone their address or where they go to school. Nothing about their profile is public except what can't be private (Profile picture, ect). 

So when I logged on to Drama Queens profile and saw that her About Me was public and that she not only listed her full name but the full name of her school, I almost shit a brick! I deleted it and replaced it with this...

ATTENTION PEOPLE: If you are not family or a friend of "Drama Queen", please do not add her. I do check her Facebook regularly and I will delete people I don't think she needs to have on her profile. Thanks. - "Drama Queens'" mother.

I refuse to be one of those parents who's child goes missing and they find out they've been talking to some random stranger on their facebook. And I wasn't kidding when I said I check her facebook. Every time I know she has been on it, I log on shortly after or during her time spent on it. It just depends. She has given out her address once to a kid who is friends with T who she knew. I squashed that also. I don't want her getting in the habit of doing things like that. The face that it was someone she (and I) knew already was irrelevant. Her telling one person will only lead to her telling other people...and next time they might not be someone I trust.

I don't worry about G too much. He doesn't use his Facebook, has no real interest in it cause no one ever answers him when he messages them. He has had the same lecture that Drama Queen has though. I will not let me or my children become a statistic. 

Sorry creeps. 

What do you do to keep your kids safe online?