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September 18, 2013


Hmm..what was I supposed to be doing? Oh that's right, I was supposed to be walking every morning after I drop Little Boy off. I haven't been doing that. I just have no motivation. Maybe I should actually schedule a trip or something so I have an end date? I have no idea. *sigh* I'm such a weight loss loser.

G is doing great in school! I absolutely love his recourse teacher. She is so on top of shit lol. I have an appointment in a week to set up his IEP. They have just been working with his old one from last year up until now. He's even getting good grades!

Drama Queen is doing well too. Her grades could be better. But we're trying to get her to understand that if she doesn't get good grades, she will be repeating 6th grade this year. *sigh* It's always one or the other. I can't have both of the older ones doing well at the same time.

Little Boy is doing very well! He is learning so much. Every day when I pick him up it seems like he's grown. It kind of kills me a little bit because I know these years are going to go by so fast now :(. He loves both of his teachers (there is a college student in the room too). So much so that for the past few days he has given his male teacher a hug. I just can't believe it. He is learning to read and write and I just don't know if I'm ready for this lol.

I was ready to write an update saying that she was gone. A month ago when D went on his bike trip with his dad for a weekend, Erma went missing. For those that don't know, Erma is our cat. We got her a couple years ago from a friend who had rescued her from his parents tow lot. Anyway- she went missing. We figured that she 1. Got out while I was letting the dogs out and I didn't see her. Then we left for the day and she ran off. Or 2. (the one I really hoped it wasn't) was that she got into something she shouldn't have and something had happened to her. I was really starting to believe the latter. It made me sad and we all missed her. Drama Queen the most as she slept in either her bed, or mine. She had done that since she was old enough to roam the house on her own at night. We had pretty much decided we'd never see her again.

Well imagine my surprise when I opened the back door tonight to let the dogs out to potty, and heard meowing. The meow sounded familiar, I flipped on the light to see Prissy staring down a cat under my car. I could see the paw and hear the meow clear as day. I could not believe the face that popped out from under the car. I could feel the tears in my eyes, it was her, it was Erma. She was back!! I coaxed her in the house despite Prissy and Boss trying to keep her away lol. And she went right to bowl. I called Drama Queen down and she was in complete shock! We fed her, put litter in the box, and I put flea drops on her. She has since gotten 2 bowls of food, drank some water, and had a couple pieces of turkey. She is ridiculously skinny. I mean, she was never fat before, but now you can really see her bones :(. She is also extremely lovey and I think it has to do with not getting loves when she was gone.

So she is back :) And she won't stop touching me lol.