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July 25, 2013

{What's in My Purse?}

One of my favorite videos to watch on youtube are the "What's in my purse/bag videos". Since I don't do videos on youtube, I thought I'd just do this little tag here :). So here we go!

I got this amazing Steve Madden bag at TJ Maxx. The tag said that it's original price was $100 I got it for $80 (I believe. It was around February that I got it). I love this bag! It has 1 zipper pocket and 2 pockets on the opposite side for a phone or whatever you might want to put in there.

 On the inside it's full of stuff. Stuff I don't use every day and stuff I could probably do without carrying. But I have it in there anyway, just.in.case.

The items I didn't take individual pictures of are Elf make-up wipes, a Kroger reciept, Costco coupon book, a bag I keep my ear phones in, Trident orange gum, Sucrets from winter when I had a cold, a brush that holds 2 hair ties, and Huggies baby wipes (cause a mom should never be without them).

 The items inside.

Rose Salve. I got it from Bath & Body Works for $5.00.

Beauty Rush Victoria's Secret lipgloss. I never use it, it's too sticky. But I have it in there none the less.

Soft Lips in Pearl.

Clinique Lipstick that I don't wear because it's too red for me. But I stuck it in my purse when I got it (free from Ulta by the way) and there it has been.

The Big Lots version of Katie Perry's perfume. I like it :)

Hand sanitizer from Big Lots. $1 Can't beat that.

 Contact solution that I have no idea why it's even in there lol.

My new Kenneth Cole Reaction clutch that I'm using as a wallet. My old one was falling apart. I found this one at Gordmans for $14.99. 

My bestie made this lizard for me years ago. I never leave the house without it.

I have a ridiculous amount of rewards cards. Some of them I don't even use.

 My benefit make-up case that I got for making a $36 purchase. I love getting free stuff.

Inside my make-up case: Boi-ing concealer, Erase Paste concealer, Hard Candy Glamoflauge, Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation, Physicians Formula Organic mascara, Pop Eye Liner, 2 eye brushes, Revlon lipgloss (love it but I don't know what line it's from or the color.), and a hard candy mirror.

And there we have it. Does the inside of my purse look anything like yours? What do you keep in your purse that you can't leave the house without? Oh! I forgot my phone, it's not in there when I'm home though. I'm usually on it lol. It's a Galaxy S3 in white with a pink latex case. I like to switch out the case a lot. 

I hope you enjoyed this :) I'm think of doing a what's on my phone tag too. But I might have to film that one cause it'd be kind of hard to take pictures of all the apps. We shall see. Until next time! :)