September 30, 2016

{10 Baby Names I Love But Will Never Use}

Every female I know has names they've stock piled as ones they would consider naming their kids. I usually kept my favorites quiet because the worst thing is being in love with a name, telling a friend, and having them use it on their kid! But since we're done having babies I thought why not share?. I think I have more girl names than boy though lol. Probably because I wanted a little girl so bad.
Lets get to it!

1. Charlotte- I have loved this name since I watched Sex & the City lol. I think it sounds classy. Another reason I liked it so much was because you could easily shorten it Charlie (which I love for a girl!) and Lottie. Now, Lottie was a dear friend of my grandparents and I grew up going to her house in Tennessee every single summer. I loved her! I would have loved to have a child named after her.

2. Carter- This one seems to get more popular every year. One of D's cousins has a little boy named Carter. I'm sure she didn't name him that for the reason I would, but still lol. I think it's an adorable name.

3. Loretta- Are we seeing a theme with the older names here? I think this is such a pretty name.

4. Jackson- I actually suggested this for Owens name but D refused to let me go that way. Now I'm kind of glad I didn't because everyone is naming their kid some form of Jackson just to call him..Jax lol.

5. Claire- I have loved this name since I heard it on the Breakfast Club.

6. Oliver- I wish I would have named Owen this. I love it.

7. Samantha- This has been a favorite name of mine since I was a kid reading American Girl books. Samantha was one of my favorite stories and I thought her name was so cute. But I never used it. I knew Gaige was going to be a boy right off the bat, and then when I got pregnant with Owen we already knew someone with a little girl named Samantha :(.

8. Charles/Charlie- I have had an obsession with this name for years. I was seriously on the fence about using it for Owen. I almost did it folks! But in the end decided it wasn't right.

9. Naomi- This one was brought up for me to use as a middle name for Gaige had he been a girl. I was seriously considering it. Not only is it a pretty name but it's also my grandma's middle name on my dad's side. So it would have also been a family name. But he wasn't a girl.

10. Caillou- Yes. Like the TV show. I wouldn't ever name my kid that just because I feel like it's a little too out there for me. But I still think it's a super cute name! Maybe I'll get a dog and use it lol.
Well folks those are the baby names I love but will never use. Do you have any that you know you won't use?