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July 31, 2013

{Late Night or is it Early Morning Ramblings}

I am currently watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I've been doing this for what seems like a week but it has to be longer than that. I am currently on season 6 and loving every single second of it. I dont know why. I dont usually like this type of show. Half the time i have no idea what any of them are talking about lol.

I think i should appologize for my lack of punctuation. Im using the a.i. keyboard (sorry no link) and they only give you word prediction and a couple other functions for like 14 days and then you have to pay to use them. Pfft. I think we are all well aware of the fact that Im way too cheap for that business. So i just shut it off now even though i have 8 days left. Why? Because Im hardcore like that!

There are only 2 days until the concert now!! I am so excited i dont know what Im gonna do with myself. My mom called today and asked what time we are gonna leave. Since its a 2 1/2hr drive (according to my maps app) and there is construction on 55 and close to Joliet its down to 1 lane its smart to leave kind of early. But that is gonna put us there during rush hour and it could possibly screw us. I dont want to get there late thats for damn sure but i dont want to get there too super early either. Then again the show is outside and I know that if we get there early enough we can see them in rehersals :). Do you know how friggin exciting that is?? The butterflies in my stomach when i think about it are ridiculous!! I have been waiting to get close to those boys since I was 15. 15!! That is 18yrs that Ive been waiting!!

OK well Im gonna go ahead and go. Ive taken enough of your time with my late night randomness ��