July 3, 2017

{Well Of Course This Would Happen!}

Husband: They're about to cut into my balls babe.

Me: *crazy eyes*

Husband: What?

Me: I had TWO babies. That means I pushed a baby out of my vagina TWICE. When you do that, then you can complain. 

Husband: *silent*

And that's how you handle that ladies.

The vasectomy went fine. The doctor was really nice and impressed with how well planned out the husband has our life after kids.

The actual procedure only took about fifteen minutes. He said it was super painful and he hated every single second of it. But it went fine. And in twelve weeks we will be good to go and out of the baby making business for good!

Now lets talk about what happened yesterday  (Saturday). D and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and all the sudden he says are you running water? I told him I was doing laundry. About ten minutes later I go to switch out the laundry and I hear water pouring. It wasn't the washer, no one was in the shower. I tell him I hear water running and can't find the source.

Turns out it was in the crawl space! The damn hot water pipe for the bathroom broke! Uuuuugh! Of course that would happen to us right now. D can't get up in the crawl space (under the bathroom) to fix it right now. So we are currently without hot water in the bathroom.

Now if you know me, you know that I must shower every single day. I can not handle not showering. So I have to just fill a bucket with hot water and put it in the tub. It works OK, but I'm hoping tomorrow (Monday) he will be able to crawl up in there and get the pipe fixed, cause this bucket shower will not work out for very long lol.

So that's how my weekend went folks. How'd yous go?