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May 3, 2017

{5 Weeks Later & She's Still Grounded}

I would like to say I'm surprised we haven't gotten anywhere with this punishment, but I'm not. I knew it wasn't going to be as easy as grounding her. I knew that by taking away everything we would be in for a fight. I knew that when I told her she had to earn her things back week by week she would determine this to be BS and things would get worse before they got better. I was not wrong. We are still in the thick of it.

During week one, we fought because she continued to go into her room despite being told she was grounded from it and everything within. I knew she was doing it because she kept leaving her door open lol. Every night I would close it, every morning it would be open. When I confronted with her about it she insisted she hadn't been going in there, but the clothes on the floor would suggest otherwise. So instead of fighting with her about it, I lied. I told her that I put a camera in her room and that I knew she was going in there to get hair ties and clothes that I hadn't kept out for her. She said she didn't see a camera, lol, "well of course not" I said. "You wouldn't be able to see it." From that day on, she hasn't set foot in her room.

The computer was our next fight. Although she doesn't have her own, she uses my old one for school work. We told her she could only get on for school work. That was it. End of story. But when I went to log on to check her history one day I saw that she had been visiting one of those story line game sites. When I told her that I knew she was doing it because her history didn't lie, I set her up with a Supervised Account on both the chrome book and the old laptop. I blocked that site. Then I logged on to the chrome book one day to fix some settings on the boys accounts and found that because she couldn't get on her game through her settings she was getting on through theirs. So I went ahead and logged on to this game and found a chat with one of her friends on there saying my parents tried to keep me off the game through a supervised account, but I got around it. So I deleted her account. A few days later (after she found out I'd deleted her account) she started googling how to get around the block. Which lead to her downloading a nasty virus that I had to completely restore the computer because of. I was beyond pissed. I didn't set her up an account on the old laptop after that, and she isn't allowed on the chrome book. She has to use my account and because it's password protected, she has to have me or one of the boys put in the password for her before she gets on. She has since attempted looking up things she's not supposed to and even got on another game that wasn't blocked. So I blocked that one too. Since then she has attempted to search for pictures and such for her profile pictures, but those got deleted. I ended up giving her the password again after a couple weeks, but it was a mistake. She ended up once again doing things she wasn't supposed to. So I changed it again. She's now only allowed on it again when someone puts in the password.

Can I just say it's beyond ridiculous that I have to password protect my laptop from my almost fifteen year old because she refuses to adhear to the rules.

Some might be wondering what we did about Easter. I went ahead and let her open the things we already bought. But it all went up to her bedroom after she saw what was in it. She has to earn everything she claims is hers back. Including her Easter basket goodies.

I thought we might be making some progress until this morning when she told me that the four outfits she has to choose from aren't enough and that she should have more. She doesn't understand why she got her entire wardrobe taken from her on top of her room. So obviously she hasn't learned much of anything yet. I told her that if she wanted to complain about it that I could take all but one outfit and she could see what it's really like to have nothing to wear. She didn't argue after that.

I don't know how long this will last. I feel like every win, there is a fail right around the corner. She refuses to understand why she's grounded in the first place. Even though it's been explained to her hundreds of times in the past few weeks. I have hope though.