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May 15, 2017

{I Turned 34!}

I seriously can not believe how spoiled I was this weekend. I am so grateful to have such an awesome husband who wanted to make my birthday special.

Friday was pretty normal. I waited for the kids to get home from school and get their chores done before dropping them at my grandma's house for the weekend. I told her all I wanted for my birthday was to be kid free! I honestly don't think I've had a completely empty house in months. Since the two teenagers are old enough to stay home with Owen now we don't have a need for a sitter too often. But sometimes a mom just needs to feel like herself again, ya know?

Saturday I slept until almost 9am. I woke up to pretty pink roses and two cards. One for my birthday and one for mother's day. There was also a huge bowl of fruit and a tiny baby summer sausage in the fridge lol. When we finally got moving around and ready for the day we headed to the indoor gun range that my brother goes to. D bought me a 38 Special Body Guard for my birthday a couple months ago and I haven't gotten to shoot it yet. So far it's just been sitting in the gun safe. So we took that and my pk 380, and his 1022 takedown with us to play with! It was a pretty good time. I learned that a revolver might be easier to clean, but it's murder on the hands past those first few rounds lol. I did pretty good with it though.

This was from ten feet away. Pretty good for my first time firing it.

After shooting for about an hour and going through four boxes of ammo, we decided to head to Famous Dave's for lunch! We love Famous Dave's. I mean, obviously right? We had the cater our wedding lol. Let me tell you people, if there is a Famous Dave's anywhere near you, you need to go there! The food is so good!

This is the feast for two (which could actually feed three or four) and it's served on a trash can lid!

After lunch since it was right near where we already were, we headed to a motorcycle shop and a Harley store. Mainly in search of a new helmet for me. We plan on taking a couple trips this summer with some friends of D's from work. So I need a new helmet. We found one at the Harley store and ended up buying it. Of course D being the kind of husband that he is, he couldn't let me have just a helmet that anyone would wear! Oh no. He took off the logo pieces and another piece and painted them blue (as close to Tiffany as we could find ;) ).


 I didn't think I would ever like a helmet like this, but it's not half bad. It gets the job done and I love that it's custom lol.

I figured after all that we would probably go home and hang out. We did. Sort of. We ended up getting on the bike for a long ride, stopping at D's grandma's house to show her my new Harley boots in action since that was her gift to me for my birthday :) (I am aware they are men's boots. I couldn't find any women's that were functional. I didn't need them to be pretty).

Later we ended up at the movie theater watching Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (not a bad movie at all!) and then it was finally home time.

I have to say that I don't get my hopes up for a good birthday anymore. I stopped doing that a long time ago. Something always seemed to happen to make it turn into a monsoon of bullshit drama or ya know...a tornado. But this birthday was definitely one of the best I've had in a long time! I am so blessed :)