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May 1, 2017

{Prissy Had A Seizure}

The first time Prissy (our pug/chihuahua) had a seizure, it scared the crap out of me. I had no idea what was going on. Of course it happened on a Sunday so the local animal hospital wasn't open (nice right?). I was so afraid that something was wrong with her. I thought for sure that we would find out something was happening and she would end up having to be put down. One of my main fears as a pet parent is that I'm going to have to make the decision to let go of one of my animals. To hold them while someone they don't know or trust takes their life. I know it's coming some day, but she's not old enough for me to be worrying about that with her.

Since we couldn't get into a vet, I messaged my aunt (she has Prissy's parents) and asked if any of the other puppies her dog had experienced seizures. Turns out, Prissy's brother from another litter has the same issues. If I remember correctly she said that she took him to the vet and there's really nothing to do other than give him meds. But even the meds aren't going to completely prevent them and there's nothing they can do to tell what brings them on. So I just decided to forgo the vet and hope for the best. I thought maybe it was some kind of isolated incident. I mean, she had never done it before and I know that sometimes people can have a seizure and then never have another one. So I decided to play it by ear.

It happened again a few months later I think and then again a few months after that. I'm not sure what brings them on. One minute she's fine and the next she's falling over and going stiff.

Tonight it happened again. One minute she was following Gaige to the back door to go potty and the next he said she's having a seizure. I picked her up and held her. Trying to calm her down. We think that when she gets them she's just gotten too excited. She got super stiff and I think she was getting scared, then I felt her drool on my arm. When I looked at her mouth I thought she was foaming, but it turned out not to be. She was just drooling a lot. Which she does not do regularly.

I sat down on the dining room floor with her and rubbed her ears. It lasted for what felt like hours but I think it was only five or ten minutes. It took her a little while to come out of it once she actually started to also. I have to say, this one scared the crap out of me. It was longer than the others and it seemed to take a little more out of her.

When it was clear she had come out of it completely, I tried to get up and she kept moving so that I couldn't get up lol. She ended up hanging out on the couch with Gaige for a while and then she was fine again. Acting as she always does, following everyone around wanting things lol.

I really hope that I never have to experience another one like this with her again. It scares me every single time but I'm afraid they're just going to get worse. I think at her next vet appointment I'm going to bring it up.

8wks old with the penguin she carried everywhere.