June 28, 2017

{Done With Babies!}

I have been a mom my entire adult life. I had Gaige when I was just 19, met D who had Dawn (and Tristen) when I was 21,  and Owen when I was 25. I hadn't even gotten my feet on the ground before the carpet was ripped out from under me. I love being a mom. I love my kids. But even though I love them. I have no desire to ever be pregnant again.

Which is why D and I have been talking about getting the possibility taken care permanently. We've been talking about it since Owen was born actually. But we never pulled the trigger on it. I'm not sure why. Maybe he didn't like the idea of getting his balls snipped, maybe I wasn't ready to take the option off the table completely (no matter how much I claimed I was). But a month ago, he told me he made a doctors appointment for a vasectomy.

I'm not going to sit here and say that I was sad that he went ahead and finally made decision to go for it. I'm fine with it. Sure a lot of women would be sad that their husband was taking the possibility off the table for good. That their last kid was actually their last. And I'm kind of sad that I'll never get to nurse another baby, since I missed out on it with Gaige and loved it with Owen. But what I'm not going to miss? The diaper changes, sleepless nights, blow outs in restaurants, having to feel like you're moving out just to make a trip to Target. Sure when you have the baby you're not thinking about how sucky it is, but on the outside looking in, it's sucky lol.

So here I am. D goes in for his vasectomy on Friday morning. And about 12 weeks after that, we should be good to go! No more hassle. No more worry.

I'm still going to worry of course though lol. It would be our luck that I would end up pregnant even after a vasectomy.

But, fingers crossed that this is the last picture I will ever take while pregnant.

35 weeks and 7 days