December 21, 2016

{Christmas Planning | Gifts For The Kids}

Leading up to our Disney trip, D kept telling his grandma and everyone that we weren't doing Christmas gifts this year for the kids because we were spending a shit ton of money on Disney. Now, I understand not doing a big Christmas. I was OK with that. But could you imagine your kids waking up on Christmas morning to nothing? I would feel like a complete failure as a mom. And I knew he would feel the same. So I talked him into getting everyone a little something.

How are we getting away with this with Owen? We told him when we did the magic band reveal that because Santa knows we were taking this big trip, he wouldn't be bringing a lot this year. It wouldn't be fair to the other kids who's parents couldn't afford to take them on a vacation like that. He understood. In fact, he understood so well that he only had five things on his wish list lol. I swear he has to be just the most precious baby in the world.

So on Black Friday Dawn and I made our way to Ulta and I picked her up some makeup. I got her.

Breakfast at Tiffany's OPI mini  polishes, Benefit Beauty Blowout Mini Set (this is no longer available at Ulta. But I found it on ebay!), Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, and

Those things are going under the tree. I got amazing deals on all of this make up too. No way would I spend $22 on a mascara for a 14 year old lol.

For her stocking I got her; the Ubran Decay Big Fatty mascara (which is apparently not available anywhere but ebay), nail files, makeup wipes, and a head band with kitty ears.

Gaige is so impossible to shop for. I've whined about that for years now and he isn't getting much easier to shop for as he gets older. But you can usually find something for him in the camping/outdoors section. So that's what we went for. We ended up getting him a resistance band, some kind of waterproof bags for his stuff (he is always going fishing in the summer and this will keep his stuff dry while he's messing around down by the river). We also found him a waterproof box for his phone and a small water proof box for random storage. D said he would like them. I took his word for it.

Owen is so much easier to shop for. The kid literally asked for those five things and that's it. So I did my best to find everything he wanted. I always go overboard for him though. He doesn't expect it, and I love that. So I don't mind spending a little more on him. The other two tend to believe that we should just buy them whatever they want. I don't know why they think that lol. We didn't raise them to be spoiled jackasses. Blah. Parenting is stupid.

Anyway, Owens stocking is pretty full with two cans of silly string, a package of kinetic foam, Play doh, Minion tooth brush (with toothpaste but I couldn't find the link for that), and a small John Cena action figure.

For under the tree I found some headphones at Target (the kid always needs headphones) and a big John Cena action that he can beat up lol. We also got him a Sorcerer Mickey plush at a Disney outlet store before we left Florida. He asked for one the whole time we were gone and we told him we just couldn't see spending $30 on something like that. 

So there we go! That's what we got our kids. I'm going to pick up a couple little things for Gaige but I think we might just give him money. He knows what he wants better than we do, and he can't communicate what he wants lol. I'm also going to put some Trolli's (the sour candy) in Owens stocking. He loves those things!

But it's certainly not a huge Christmas this year. Which is fine. Sometimes it's OK to minimize.