October 17, 2016

{Looking Back on Halloween!}

We all know how much I love looking at old pictures, so I thought I'd post some of the kids from past Halloweens.

So lets do it!

Halloween 2004

Tristen the Spider-Man at age six. Gaige my little Dumbo (the second time he had worn that costume) at age two (well almost, his birthday is in December), and Dawn the angel at age two.

Halloween 2005
This was the year D and I were broken up I think. And so I only have pictures of Gaige. He went as an Army man that year (and several times after that to be honest). He was little! Just three years old!


Halloween 2006

Tristen was some kind of murderer at age eight, Dawn the witch at age four and Gaige the Lightening McQueen driver at age four. Sorry for the bad quality. The cameras sure have gotten better over the years lol.

 Halloween 2007

Another year D and I were not together. This was Owens very first Halloween. He was only a month old. And then there's little pirate Gaige at five! Owen obviously didn't go trick-or-treating with us cause he was too tiny. But he still got his picture taken lol.

Halloween 2008

Owens first year trick-or-treating. Since he was only one he didn't really dress up or get candy. But he went walking with me, the older three, and my mom. D stayed home to pass out candy I believe. Gaige went as a police officer, Dawn an angel, and Owen just wore this cute little hat and t-shirt. Tristen was death again. He went as that most of the time.


Halloween 2009

I don't know why I don't have pictures of anyone else for this year. These were taken at Gaige's Halloween parade at his school. He went as Spider-Man that year.

Halloween 2010

This was one of the many years Dawn got in huge trouble and couldn't go trick-or-treating. This year it was me and the boys with my sister and nephew. Owen was a police officer again, Owen a gorilla, and Monkey was Woody I think. That last picture was taken after my grandpa got home from work. We had already been to see him at the shop, but the boys wanted to hang out until he could come home.

Halloween 2011

Gaige went as a vampire this year, Dawn a pirate, and Tristen was a gladiator. Owen was a little Scooby Doo :). D even dressed up that year and went as a Viking...I guess that's what you'd call that lol. Those are our friends behind him. Pretty unimpressed looking lol.

Halloween 2012

Gaige the army man (again), my Monkey the batman, Dawn the cat. And Owen who refused to have any pictures taken that year, was Spider-Man.

Halloween 2013

Again Dawn must have gotten in trouble and couldn't go. So I don't have pictures of her. Gaige was an Army man again, Owen was Thor, and Monkey was a transformer. This was also the last Halloween we would be going to the shop to see my grandpa. The last Halloween that I would spend in my home town.

I have no idea why I don't have pictures of our 2014 year. I probably lost them in one of my moves from laptop to laptop.

Halloween 2015

I don't think Gaige and Dawn trick-or-treated last year. But Owen went as Baymax. His suit had a little fan in the back that was supposed to keep it puffed out. But the stupid thing decided to poop out on us. He still wore it though. It also had a mask but it didn't work out since he couldn't really breathe in it.

So there we have it. A look back at the kids Halloween fun!