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October 3, 2016

{My Baby Is 9 Today!}

I do this every year, and every year gets a little harder. I miss this little baby.

Where did he go? How has it already been nine years since this happened...

It feels like he was just little bitty yesterday. But no. Today marks the ninth year I've celebrated his birth.

I love that he's turned into this amazing, smart, funny, silly little boy.

He's growing up so damn fast. I see him every single day and every single day I am surprised by how grown up he can be. But then there are other days when it's still so obvious that he's still a little boy.

Like the day he came out of school almost in tears. I thought maybe he got in trouble or something, he gets so upset when he gets in trouble. Even if it's just an adult telling him he shouldn't be doing something. Anyway, he comes walking out of the doors to me, almost in tears.

I ask what's wrong, prepared to go into mama bear mode in .2 seconds.

He says, "My tummy hurts". Now when a normal kid says this a mom might assume he's coming down with something or that he ate something that didn't agree with him.

Not me.

When Owen said that I just whispered, "do you have to poop?" And he nodded yes.

And that's my little boy folks. He said he had to go potty for a while but his teacher didn't see his face and ask him what was wrong. Because naturally, I as his mother, can read his facial expressions and I know something is going on. She has 23 other kids in her class and can't just concentrate on his face all day. 

These are the times I'm reminded that he's my little boy. That I still have many years before he's to the point where he doesn't need me or doesn't want to be around me.

I can only pray that when he reaches that point, he can still come to me. Because even at 50 he'll be my baby.

So here's to another year of many to come, with my Owen Michael Dwight :)