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September 14, 2016

{WiFi Woes & Pink Eye!}

Can we talk about how effing annoying it is to pay a ridiculous amount for WiFi only for it to kick you off constantly and not work unless you're in the same room as the modem?

That's what I've been dealing with for the last month now. It's been a huge headache. When we got into our router at first, we found devices logged on to our network that we didn't know what they were. So we got rid of those, changed all of our settings and all the passwords and even the username to our router. We went through and turned on each device in the house one by one to make sure that we knew what each one was. Then we had to block the other two devices. One of which was pulling more WiFi than all of our devices combined. It was pretty crazy.

We ended up resetting the entire thing back to the day we got it. Still made no difference after a few hours.

Today (Tuesday) we just took in the modem we had and exchanged it for a new one. Which turns out they're huge now. So there's that. We had to change all of our settings again. We changed our WiFi name and password (which D was having trouble with so I did it...which kind of annoyed him I think lol).

It works fine now though. I was watching my YouTube in the bathtub with no problems lol.

On top of all that when I went to log on to my laptop, because I wasn't connected to the internet yet, I couldn't get on! It took forever for me to get connected (because we don't broadcast our network so I have to add it). D had to broadcast the WiFi so that I could connect and login with my Windows Live account. I spent an hour, or more, trying to figure out how to change my other password and I can not for the friggin' life of me figure out how to do it or if it's even possible if you don't know the previous password. It's a cluster that's for damn sure. Hopefully my brother can help me out. He's a computer genius lol.

Yesterday when I got home from picking up the boys, D was sitting in the living room waiting for me to take him to the doctor. He woke up with his eye swollen shut. We thought maybe he scratched it in his sleep or got metal in it at work. But there was nothing. Turns out it's pink eye. I swear if the kids or I get this I'm gonna flip out! Gross! So we're dealing with that too.

And so I leave you with that little bit of cuteness :)