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November 23, 2015

{First Snow of the Season!}

Eep! Everyone is losing their minds over this snow today. The forecast has said snow was in our future for at least a week. Frankly, I'm shocked it actually showed up. Last year every time they predicted snow, we'd end up with rain. Blah.

But now my news feed is full of people posting pictures of the snow and pictures of their kids playing in it. Understandable. Who doesn't enjoy some snow? And is there anything cuter than kids playing in the first snow of the season? I don't think so either.

Which is why I took some myself lol.

Owen was so excited to see the snow on the ground this morning. He got up and go dressed and was out the door in no time! Of course D ended up with him out there too, as did Dawn. Of course by the look on her face, she wasn't as excited as the other two in these pictures.

D even taught Owen to make snow balls and throw them at the door...because that's where I was standing to take his picture lol.

After about 30 minutes in the cold Owen came in (the other two lasted about 10 minutes) and had hot chocolate with a ridiculous amount of marshmallows. D ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and then he rented the Terminator movie. Which they are watching right now. I'm not a Terminator fan.

So that's what my Saturday looked like.

D and I also braved the blowing wind and snow to get my nephews Christmas present and a couple more things for the kids. We had planned on finishing completely but changed our minds after two stops. The snow is pretty to look at, it's pretty to shop in when it's coming down, it is not fun to shop in when it's blowing in your face.

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