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November 10, 2015

{Happy Wife...}

I know we have all heard the saying Happy Wife Happy Life..my husband clearly has.
We have had the same model phones for about 3 years now. I think I've had mine maybe a year longer than him though. We switched from AT&T to Verizon and the Galaxy S3 was free at the time. When we went in a year later to upgrade, because that's what the sales guy said we could do, they said we couldn't upgrade until the following November! So annoying!
So when I checked my verizon account and it showed that we could upgrade early..I jumped on that lol.

We each walked out with a new phone and a new case!

D ended up with the Note5. He needed a bigger phone with less glass than the other Samsung phones. Since he takes his to work with him in a foundry, he also got an otterbox. He's pretty happy with it. Especially since we upped our data package and he can play his games more at work lol. Loser lol.

I walked in wanting at Samsung Galaxy s6. But as I looked at them, I wanted something a little bigger. So I chose the gold s6 edge plus. It's basically just bigger than the edge. No other differences that I can see. Obviously I ended up with a case. It's an all glass phone, it would have been scratched and cracked by now without one. I ended up with this cute Kate Spade case! It matches my phone and everything lol.

So far we love them both.

Before walking out the door D also bought me a Fit Bit Flex!! I am loving this thing!! It tracks everything from my steps to my calories to my water! I linked it to my weight watchers app too. I have yet to see any activity points with it, but its there lol.

I also have walked since I got it. It's a slow process getting back into it. But I'm excited to see my progress.