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August 31, 2015

{So Good to be #backtoschool !!}

I can't believe we are already through the first full week of school. And no one is dead! So lets do a run down of why I'm thankful I don't have to deal with children during the day for 40 (or something like that) whole weeks!

1. I Get Control of the TV
We have two TVs in this house. Both of which are connected to an Xbox. What the one up stairs does not have, is two working controllers. Guess what the one down stairs has? Yeah. So guess which one they want to use? Yep. Mine. So I get to suffer through Mine Craft and a ridiculous amount of shooter games until they get bored and find something else to do. And let me tell you ladies, it is rare that they don't want to be on that friggin' Xbox! If Owen isn't playing a game on there, he's managing to take over my living room by watching Youtube videos or enjoying some Lab Rats on our Xfinity app. It's slightly annoying. Some days I just turn the Xbox off and tell them to find something else to do, but this leads to an amount of complaining that I just can not handle. Thank God D got me a new laptop so I can spend my days on facebook ;). You know, cause doing housework would be a little much for summer and all.

Now that school is in again though, I have complete control of the TV! I can watch MasterChef, Real Housewives of OC, and Bad Girls Club all I want without someone complaining about it. I am in heaven! Well, that is until D decides not to go to bed when the kids go to school and then I'm once again stuck watching things I have no interest in. Like How it's Made. Who actually watches that show?!

2. When I clean something it stays clean!
Most of my readers probably know the frustration through the summer that I'm talking about here. You spend your whole morning cleaning something. Or maybe you're a night cleaner. I am sometimes. I like to go to bed with a clean house! Just to have a child get up, make themselves something to eat, and leave the mess sitting on the counter for you to deal with. It's a never ending battle and I'm so glad it's over! Well, for most of the day anyway. I can completely finish the laundry (yes, that is possible) and know it's not going to get piled up again until the kids take baths that night. I can vacuum and know that no one is going to come behind me with a poptart and destroy my living room rug (dropping crumbs in places on my couch that I didn't even know could collect crumbs!). Such a welcome change!

3. I can eat what I want!
So for the most part, I don't really have to share my food with kids anymore. I eat what I want, and make them what they want. But then there's candy. I love candy. I especially love chocolate. I don't buy it too often because I love it so much lol. I also don't buy it very much because I don't like to share it! I want that whole damn candy bar to myself. Why should I have to share it? I bought it. I opened it. Just because you heard the wrapper doesn't mean you get some!

I am also able to stop at Subway or my beloved Taco Bell and not spend $30 on food for everyone. I grab what I want and go home. I don't have to eat it in a hurry in the car ride. I don't have to worry about someone stealing it from me when I get home with it. It's all mine!!

So those my friends are just a few reasons why I'm glad to get up at 6:30am every morning and kick my kids out the door :). Are you glad your kids are back in school?

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