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August 7, 2015

{Upstairs Revamp- Decorating a Teen Girls Room}

I have been trying to envision what Dawns room was going to look like with walls for about..ooh..three years now? That's not how long it's been under construction, that's just how long we've been talking about turning their separated rooms into two actual rooms. It's not easy for me to see what D is talking about when he's been telling me what his plans are. Maybe because he doesn't always share his plans in the best way. I need to see what's going to change for me to be able to get an idea of what it's going to look like when it's done. I love the idea of separating their rooms but it gives me a headache trying to figure out how to decorate it all.

So I decided to go up and take some pictures and maybe get some help with this decorating.

There is still quite a bit to be done up there. D and his dad have to run electrical to her new wall to split the lights. Right now if you turn on the light in the boys room, Dawns light comes on (since they are technically one room). They have to switch that. We ended up taking the bulb out of the boys light when we put in Dawns fan because the fan has to stay on (mainly to keep the room from stinking because she has the smelliest feet ever). The boys just use lamps up there now and there are plenty of windows letting in natural light. Anyway, the electricity has to be run to her room before we can put up dry wall or anything. We have to move the boys switch also. It's quite the undertaking.

Anyway- that has to happen but I still need to know what I can do to make it hers and make it a room she wants to bring her friends home to.

First things first, before that wall goes up we are getting rid of her bed. It was bought for her when she was 9 for her birthday and it has been beaten and abused every day since. Plus being moved from the first trailer, to the second, and then to this house. We've gotten our couple hundred dollars of use out of it at this point. The drawers don't have handles anymore, they've been broken off by Owen standing on them (heathen child that he is) and the bottom of the drawers themselves have holes (also from Owen standing in them...). So they aren't actually being used. The bed is quite a bit bigger than the mattress that came with it, that's still on it now.

It's too big for the room she has now. I figure we can get a new frame at walmart for $50 (I already looked it up) and just leave the head/foot boards for a later DIY project. But the bed must go. She's getting new bedding for Christmas also so that's changing lol (as you can see it makes no difference as she doesn't make her bed anyway).

With the book shelves up it makes it a little easier to see what the wall will look like. Obviously the book cases don't go all the way to the other wall but you get the idea I'm trying to get across here. The picture on the left is looking out from inside her room, the picture on the right is looking into her room from the boys room.

This (sorry it's dark the light was not cooperating with me) is a picture of the small space the wall will create. We are thinking of putting a small seat right there with storage under it. I think that will be cute! She can sit there to read or she can use it as a place for the cat to sleep lol. Whatever. Either way it'll be more storage because the room is small and needs it badly.

Right now her room is two shades of white. Her trim and ceiling are bright white, but her walls are a cream color. I did this so any color we chose for bedding, curtains, decor, would pop a little more. Plus, a small room needs light/bright paint to help it seem larger. I think I'm going to do a bluish color for the bedding. I found some cute things on Targets website. I was also thinking of throwing in some silver somewhere in there. I want everything to be clean and bright. Not to mention girly.

This one from Target is so pretty!

Looking into her room from that small corner. The closet trim will be painted white also. I want to hang curtains there and raise the bar for her clothes. I'm not sure about the dresser. I was thinking of ditching it and getting some closet storage. But I also make it a DIY project and keep it in there.

I found this on pinterest and am slightly in love with it. I would obviously do different colors. I love the pulls the most though! Are they cute or what??

Oh! I can't forget this!

This is an original register from when the house was built. I found it when I pulled up the carpet. It's in great condition (unlike the other one that was broken in the boys room) and I'm going to spray paint it silver. Excuse the grossness all inside it. They closed it off with a plastic bag and we don't want to pull it up until we absolutely have to. I think that will add a little pop of awesomeness to the room. Right?

So those are the plans and where her room is right now. I'm excited to get it done though. I have no clue what to do with the boys' room. It's hard enough pleasing one person, I have two to deal with in their room.

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