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August 20, 2015

{Going on a Road Trip!}

I can't believe it's the night before and I'm just now getting around doing any kind of post about it. What is happening to me? I'll tell you what's happening, school. We're taking our trip later than we did last year, going after school starts instead of right after the fourth of July. But we had some unforeseen complications this year (*cough*mystupidankle*cough*) and we just couldn't afford a big family vacation (I will get to Disney someday people. Someday!!).

When we got right down to it, we were also limited as far as what we could do. My ankle isn't 100% yet, and although I would have loved to venture back to St. Louis and Six Flags again (I am such an adrenaline junkie!), there is no way I could have climbed stairs and gone down them and everything with my ankle still being on the mend. So poo.

I was off on a quest to find another destination, then low and behold Facebook helped me out! I saw a video for Jurassic Quest! I thought at first it probably wasn't coming anywhere near us, but it is :). D and I decided to tackle that this year (since it's not there all the time) and head out of town for just one night to see what kind of trouble we could get the five of us into ;). I made reservations at a hotel right away! We are set to head out tomorrow when the kids get home from school.

But for tonight and tomorrow (stay tuned for a follow me around post as I pack and get things situated for our hour long car ride) I'll be packing and finding other things for us to do down there than just the JQ.

And you know what a trip means...lists! I'm making my first one right now. Unheard of for me. I've usually made 10 by now lol. I'll show you tomorrow what I'm actually bringing with us.

We're only taking the one suitcase because we're supposed to just stay one night. We shall see tomorrow if I can fit it all in one or not. The kids are getting a lot bigger..and with bigger kids comes bigger damn clothes!

I'm slightly excited to be getting away for a little while. It's been a rough summer. We need to relax :).

But like I said, stay tuned tomorrow, I'll be going through the suitcase and toiletries bag just like any other time I take a trip lol. I'm going to run a couple errands also tomorrow so I'll attempt to take you along for that. If I don't forget my camera.

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