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August 10, 2015

{I Started a Trend!}

Is it a trend if just one other person does it? Lets go with yes, since I'd hate for it to be more than one other person.

My grandma called me the other day and said "Well I broke my ankle today." My first thought was "Oh sure you did!" The woman loves to yank my chain.

She said "No I really did." What?!

She goes on to tell me that she was calking the outside of the her garage door (a chore my grandpa would have been doing mind you..just throwing that out there..yet another thing we took for granted) and caught her foot in a dip in the yard.

I was shocked! For starters, she has probably been looking at that dip in the yard, that came to be because of the tree stump they took out 15 years ago, for probably half my life. It has just always been there. So how she missed that I do not know. And second, the dip is not that big. It's literally just a small space in that area where the ground sinks down just a little bit. Nothing major.

Here's the kicker folks, she walked to the van and then drove herself to the prompt care!! I know! There was no one there to help her but Gaige and he couldn't lift her. So she had to handle it herself.

Prompt care X-Ray'd her and told her the bone was fractured (I want to say the tibia, but don't quote me on that OK?).

Then get this, they put her in a splint (much smaller than mine) and she told them she was going to drive herself home. They told her they weren't supposed to let her do that but she insisted saying that she had driven herself there, she could drive herself home.

She didn't even want pain meds! What?!?! This woman is clearly insane and they should have checked her brain. I think she might have hit it.

She has an appointment on Monday (which is tomorrow as I'm writing this around midnight on Sunday) and we'll know if she has to be in a boot or if she needs to be in a cast or what's going to happen. I'm positive she won't need surgery unless she keeps putting weight on it and doesn't keep it elevated (she's a shitty patient I tell you what).

So that's the trend I'm setting these days. Lets hope no one else catches on to it. Broken bones suck!

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