September 2, 2015

{Dawns Thoughts on Our Trip}

For vacation me, Gaige and Owen all went on vacation to Champaign, IL. There we went to Jurassic Quest. They didn't have much to do. But on the way back home all of us stopped at a museum and zoo.

The zoo was my favorite part since they had a whole bunch of animals that aren't at the zoo we normally go to. There was even a carousel too!

At the museum we saw a whole bunch of artifacts made from way back when such as old clothing that you could put on. Also there was a school house that had mini chalk boards at the desks that were made of wood, you could also draw Abe Lincoln on the blackboard.

There was a waterfall a little ways away from the schoolhouse so we went to see that too. It was really pretty with the waterlilies and flowers everywhere around it.

We went paddle- boating which really freeked me out since that was my first time on any type of boat and I was sitting almost on the edge of it too so i could see the water moving once we started going I wanted off.

Anyways I had a fun vacation.


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