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August 24, 2015

{Museum of the Grand Prairie- Mahomet IL}

After the epic failure that was the Jurassic Quest event, D and I went on a hunt to find something else to take up some more of our day. We remembered seeing something about a park when we were going into Champaign so we headed back to that.

We drove around the park for a little while, saw a sign for a museum, of course we headed right for that. We are both fans of museums. The first trip we ever took with the kids we just stumbled upon a Children's Museum and the Putnam museum in Iowa. Both were great ways to spend time when we weren't into swimming or gambling (we went with D's grandma and aunt..they are gamblers). So finding this park with a museum was right up our alley :).

The museum itself is two stories, with a bunch of awesome things to look at. The best part is it all has to do with Illinois (which is where we live lol). The kids even enjoyed it! You can find more information here or their Facebook page.

I'm uploading all the pictures (including these) to facebook, so if you want to see all of our museum adventure, you should click here ;)

Out the back of the museum was a school house also. My favorite part of Wild Life Prairie Park has always been the homestead and the school house, so naturally this was my favorite part.

 Further back was a beautiful garden. We walked around back there for along while before heading back to the car and stopping at some swings for the kids to play.

Then here have the boats. Owen made a comment about wanting to ride a paddle boat on the lagoon we have at home. D spotted these and off we went. $6 for half an hour was more than fair (considering at home it's about $3 per person I think). Dawn of course almost had a heart attack the entire time we were on it.

To be completely honest, finding this park saved the day. We would have ended up back at home pissed off about the ridiculous Jurassic Quest had we not seen the sign from the highway. I'm so glad we did and stopped. If you're ever that way and enjoy things like this, you should check it out!

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