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August 6, 2015

{Upstairs Revamp- Part 5}

For almost 10 years we have had the same huge TV. An RCA 52" box TV. It was massive but it worked and we got it cheap. D bought it when we lived in the first trailer I believe. It has been moved four times since then. From one trailer to the next, to this house where it was in our living room and then we finally pushed it up the stairs to give it to the kids.

Well the other day I blew a fuse in the toy room trying to blow dry Dawns hair. Stupid me.

When I reset everything the TV wouldn't work. It just made a sad noise when we tried to turn it on. So out the door it went today. D pushed it right out the front door.

We got a new smaller one for the toyroom. Since god forbid these kids not be able to use that Xbox. Ugh.

It was only $150 at Costco and its a Samsung so we know it won't let us down ;).

The plan is to eventually move that TV to Dawns room, put the TV we have in the living room in the boys room (since there is two of them) and get a newer bigger TV for the living room. This all won't go down for a while because we want to be pretty much done with their rooms before we deal with electronics. But that is the plan.

The toy room (which is purple because Cassie painted it when she moved in the first time) is so much bigger now!