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August 19, 2015

{First Day of School!}

Oh there it is, that sigh of relief that everything went smoothly this morning. No blood was drawn while waking up Owen (though I'm pretty sure he would have cut me if he had the chance) and the older two got up and dressed on their own. In fact, I heard Dawn roaming around at 630 when my alarm went off.

Of course there are pictures ;) Not too many though because none of them want to take pictures anymore.

I said smile. This is what I got. Just so we're aware, he was quite a bit shorter last year. I can't believe how tall he is getting. And so fast!

Dawn was well below that window last year and this year she's damn near in the middle of it. I can't even handle this. And can we talk about this being her last year in junior high? I'm not ready for a high schooler. I'm not ready for an 8th grader to be completely honest.

Owen is such a brat. He wouldn't let me take his picture by the door, so I had to settle for one at the school. I had to sneak this one as I was leaving. He was nervous, but he was also in the class with a little boy from his Kindergarten class. So he should be fine. There were no tears again this year, not from either of us lol. I'm convinced he'll be fine :).

So that was the morning...stay tuned for stories of their first day and more pictures of Owen because I pick him up and snap them as he's walking out lol.

After School

Gaige informed us that the kid who stole his bike won't talk to him and keeps his distance. Which is good. We don't need any problems from that jack ass. In case you missed it, last week this kid stole his bike out of our shed. D found it, fixed it since the kid had pretty much stripped it, and put it back together. Blah. But he had a good day so that's good :).

Dawn told me she is on the same team as her friend Mckenzie but they're in different groups. To be completely honest I'm kind of glad. She seems like a mean girl. But she had a good day as well and has to have an empty soda can for art..which she informed me of before she even got to the car door (I had the windows down). She then continued to tell me about how she needed an empty soda can the entire time we were waiting for Owen. So I guess we need to get an empty soda can.

Owen made three new friends, got a ticket for doing something good, and ate all his lunch. He informed me that his teacher says they can't have cookies for snack. To which I say "I'll send whatever I want with you because I'm your mom and I'll decide what you eat." Normally I send a small package of cookies or some cheeze itz. Apples get gross by the time he gets to snack time and so does string cheese. Which also isn't enough of a snack to hold him over. So I feel as though this might be a problem I'll have to deal with at some point this year. Not looking forward to that.

As predicted I did snap some more pictures of him coming out of the school ;)

I also got one of him walking out of the school but then I realized all the staff we were wearing shirts that said the name of his school on them, and we can't have that getting out can we?

So in all, I think it was a good first day. Did your kids start back to school today? Did they enjoy it? What grades are they in?

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