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August 26, 2015

{Road Trip Recap}

Since I wrote already about the Jurassic Quest BS and the stumbled upon Mahomet Park, it's time to recap the actual road trip and hotel! Woohoo!

To be honest, this was a fairly pleasant trip.

I started my day at 7:30am and did not stop moving until we picked up the kids at 3:00pm. I did all the packing for everyone after I dropped Owen at school. We took only two bags because we were only planning on one day, but I packed an extra outfit for everyone in case we got down there and found something fun to do for another day. We had thought that the Jurassic thing would take up at least part of our day.

I made a trip to Ross for some new yoga pants because I refuse to travel in jeans. I almost always fall asleep and who wants to nap in jeans curled up on a car seat? Exactly. No one. I found a couple cute pairs, one says Flawless down the leg and the other says Boss Girl down the leg lol. I thought they were cute. And super cheap! I love Ross! I ended up only spending $18 for both of them. Woot!

When I got back home D left to go to his grandma's to pick up the suit she'd bought Dawn while she was at her house a couple weeks ago. I stayed home and packed. I packed everything. I always pack everything. I'm what some might call an over packer. I'd rather drag it along with me than not have it when I get there and need it.

That little tied case there is a toiletries bag that my grandma gave me. She used to hang it in the motorhome when we were traveling in there and it has been on every single trip we have ever taken. Now it's mine ;) I put the kids clothes in my Victoria's Secret tote that I got last year. It worked out pretty well.

We loaded up the car and as soon as Gaige got home we headed up to the school to pick up Owen and Dawn.

Being the super prepared mom that I am, even though it was only an hour away I knew there would be three hungry kids sitting in my car when we were on the road. All three of them hit the kitchen the minute they get home from school. So I packed up some goodies to take with us.

There were chips, Gogurts, Monkey Milks, Capri Sun's, a couple bags of cookies, and some graham crackers in there. As suspected, all three kids were hollering I'm hungry before we even left town.

The ride down was easy. Ran into a little construction that wasn't on the google maps app, but it didn't last too long and we were able to navigate it just fine.

Owen and Gaige slept pretty much the whole way. 

The hotel was a whole different ball game. Turns out it was not on the street that it was supposed to be on. Both my nav app and google told me it was on a certain street, it was not. We passed it and ended up having to GPS how to get there. So that was a pain. It didn't help that the sign on the building was ridiculously small. We staid at the Hilton Garden Inn

The room was nice. Clean. That's about all it had going for it to be honest. The hot tub was nowhere near hot. The shower head was broken. The beds were less that comfortable and the pillows were completely flat. It was not a wonderful experience. We've never staid in a hotel and had a bad experience before.

The best part of the hotel was that it was walking distance to several restaurants. We chose Monical's which I'm not actually a fan of, but they had decent food. Owen didn't like his spaghetti (as I knew he wouldn't when he ordered it because he only likes mine) and so we took a little trip to McDonald's next door when we were finished. He is such a chicken nugget!

We had fun in the pool and then headed to bed. We needed to be up kinda early to get to the dino thing and get our tickets before the lines started to form.

Luckily mommy spotted a Dunkin' on the way to the hotel the day before..so guess we got for breakfast!

After we left the dino disaster we headed home. Where we spotted our other adventures :). You should look forward to one more blog post on the trip. Pictures of our trip to Miller Park Zoo!

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