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July 1, 2014

{Road Trippin '14- Entertainment}

Every parent knows that the most important thing to pack on a road trip with kids is not snacks or clothes but entertainment. If the kids are bored on a long road trip it makes for a shittacular time confined in the car.
Last time we took a trip, Gaige took his tablet and Dawn had her laptop, Owen had his Innotab. All was pretty quiet. This time though all 3 kids have tablets. I'm going to load a couple movies on to each one and at the hotel they'll be able to watch xfinity over WiFi.
On top of the tablets each kid will get to bring a small bag with things for them to do. Gaige will most likely take a couple magazines and his DS. Probably a notebook with some pens and such to write (which is what I used to bring on a long trip). Dawn will bring her rubber band bracelet loom and some paper/pens, most likely a book, and I'm sure she won't leave without her DS. Owen is bringing some of his turtles and a couple color books/crayons and his DS.
So everyone should be pretty well entertained on this 3hr drive.
I am pretty sure that I will end up getting an audible book. I can't read in the car...it makes me sick . And I've got my phone lol. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram will be my entertainment .
I'm also on the hunt for some bingo game cards to keep them entertained should they not want to play with what they brought.