July 17, 2014

{Time to Let Go}

I have been going back and forth on weather or not to write this entry. At first I wanted to vent, and I published a post doing just that. But I soon deleted it thinking that maybe venting wasn't the best way to go about this post. So I gave myself a week to cool off and here I am, back at it.

If you have seen my twitter or facebook feeds for the last week or so, you should know that there was quite the change in our house recently. After just 4 months of being under our roof, Cassie decided that it was best for her to live with her mother again. The reasons should shock you, they didn't shock me at all.

When we left her home over night for our trip, we told her that we wanted her to make sure she let the dogs out at regular times during the day. They're potty trained but they can't hold it all day and into the night. We also told her we wanted the dishes done and the house cleaned (first floor only). Both of those things were her regular chores anyway. So we were basically just reminding her that those needed to be done. According to her, she could handle it. I doubted it.

The plan was for her to go to her friends house up the road on Tuesday night so she wouldn't have to be home alone. She was supposed to go to volleyball Wed and that was it.

Clearly that was not what she did. When we got up on Thursday morning I realized that the clothes I'd left on the floor in the living room (clean, folded, just forgot to put them in the basket before we walked out the door) smelled like dog pee. So that means she did not let the dogs out like she was supposed to. They clearly peed all over the laundry. The bathroom hadn't been cleaned either (which is the only room that actually needed it since I went over the whole house before we left and cleaned lol).

When I brought these 2 things up she got pissy with me. She went and rinsed out the bathtub (which as mothers we know is only half of cleaning the bathroom lol) and then started with the crocodile tears because we didn't appreciate her efforts. I simply said, "You are 17 years old, we should not have to remind you to do anything and we should come home to your chores being done the same way they would have been if I was standing there watching you do it." I can't count the amount of times I was left home alone over night and my grandmother never came home to a dirty house. In fact, the dishes were usually done and the laundry was almost always going if not done. So I know at her age, she is more than old enough to do the minimum of her chores.

Anyway- she called her mom and said she wanted to come back home, then tells us that she's going to stay until after her volleyball camps were done and then she would go back. We told her no. We weren't feeding her and running her all over hell and back for volleyball just for her to be pissy with everybody and leave at the end of the summer. We told her if she was going she needed to go that day. So she did.

After going through her phone, it turns out that she was using her friend Jades facebook to message a guy she claimed she didn't even want to be with but had been talking marriage to less than a couple months before that. She had snap chat which she wasn't supposed to have and she had been smoking pot with 2 different friends on the 4th of July when she was supposed to be with her friend that lives up the road. Nice right?

To tell you the truth, there is a calm in the house since she's gone. I'm not constantly wondering if she lying to me or what she's going to attempt to get by with next. No one is waiting for the other shoe to drop and for her to fly off the handle and decide to leave and stop talking to us.

I don't feel bad about the fact that we now have no contact with her what so ever either. She attempted to bad mouth us to Tristen and he was hearing none of it.

In reality she will call again in a few months, because she can only be in one place so long before she uses up all her get out of jail free cards and has to move on to someone else. I'm kind of glad to say though that we won't be the ones taking her in this time. This is the 2nd time she has run out on us and the 3rd time she has stopped talking to us (but she can definitely find a way to talk to her little douche bag boyfriends when she's grounded from them).

Oh. I forgot to mention that this whole thing came after she realized the GUY she was wanting to hook up with was coming back from his family trip to Florida that Sunday and she couldn't handle not being around him. Keep in mind that this is NOT the guy she was grounded from talking to while at our house. This is a different guy. Had she not been talking to him, she would probably have been just fine. *eye roll*

So there you have it. We have washed our hands. We tried everything we could to help her out and she shit on us every step of the way.

In the end I think we will just have to keep telling ourselves that Karma always finds its target.