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June 30, 2014

{Raod Trippin '14- Whats in my suit case}

Its that time again folks! I love these types of posts! I usually watch them on YouTube but since I hate being on video I will stick to blogging.
After our tub broke and having Cassie move in, we blew through our vacation savings. So I decided that we should put off Disney and go somewhere a little closer. It was a hard decision to make because I really wanted my kids to experience that. We started out thinking we would go to the Dells but Owen isn't into swimming and water. I didn't feel like there would be enough for him to do. So we then set our sights on Mall of America. Nick Universe seemed like lots of fun! Then Gaige mentioned going somewhere with roller coasters. So naturally D changed our destination again to 6 Flags. And our hotel is now booked so we aren't changing our minds again! Anyway, on to the fun stuff!
PS I don't know why my pictures aren't turned the way they're supposed to be.

What's in my suit case
For starters its not a suit case lol. This is the bag that my Chi hair dryer came in. I have been dying to pack it full

Since we are only staying one night I don't have to take a ton of stuff but I'm a girl..so I need options. I might wake up in the morning and not feel like wearing what I thought I would. Which happened last summer and iI had to deal with that.
So I'm wearing my grey capri workout pants for the ride down. Along with my TMNT t-shirt. I refuse to be uncomfortable on a 3hr car ride. Its not really going in my suit case but it's going with me.

For 6 flags I am going with comfort and something I can be cool in. I bought these shorts at Kohls for $10 the other day and then found the tank at Target for $3! I'll also be bringing a pair of denim capris in case I don't feel like wearing shorts that day and I don't want to wear workout pants either.

Now if I'm not feeling it that day I'm also bringing my blue love 83 capri work out pants so that I have a choice. And if I choose those I'll have my IronHorse tank to wear with those. If I end up not wearing this one, it'll be what I come home in.
I'm also packing a pair of flip flops and my sketchers just in case I want to wear them. And my swim suit.
On top of the clothes I will have my straightener (not pictured) and my make up.
In my make up bag (not everything I'll be taking is in the bag in the picture obviously)
-3 make up brushes
-Naked 3 shadow pallet
-Soap & Glory Heel lotion
-CK & Benefit They're Real mascaras (because I never know what my eyes are going to be doing that day lol)
-NYX Pore Filler (a great dupe for Benefit Pore-fessional
-Mini Suave hair spray
-Revlon Color Stay 24hr
-Benefit Boi-ing and Erase Paste concealers (I use both)
-Tooth brush/paste (Crest 3D White Luxe)
-Deodorant (Dove)
-Yes to Blueberry make-up wipes
-Ponds Dry Skin moisturizer
-Up & Up peach facial scrub
-Razor/shaving gel mini

D will also have his stuff in this bag because we don't need 2 bags for us lol. He will also have a toiletries bag.