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March 10, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 9}

I can not even believe I'm posting this right now.

When I weighed in last week at 201 I thought the most I would pull another lb and put myself at the 200 mark. But I didnt. I pulled another 2.4lb!! I can't even believe it!! I never thought I would lose 2lb in a week.

I'm so excited to finally be in the 100s again! I haven't been this weight since before the wedding (2yrs ago!).

I updated my goal to 190. I'm taking it 10lb at time. My ultimate goal is just to feel good in a bathing suit this summer. I want to buy one and not feel like a cow in it. I don't want to be as skinny as I was when D and I met. I feel like I might have been a little too skinny for my height. If like to be in the 140s by the end of this journey :).

So..how are you girls doing with your weight loss?