March 13, 2014

{Updates & Ramblings}

Alrighty, well it's been almost 2 weeks since Cassie moved back in and so far things are going pretty good. D basically let's her know that I control where she goes and what she does and how long she's punished for. Which is a huge step up from him doing the exact opposite last time. Telling me one thing and then doing another when she was around.

We have spent zero money on her as far as shopping goes. Which was a big cause of fights when she would come over before. She went through all her clothes this time when she moved in and we let her know that we aren't repurchasing anything. So if she gets rid of something that's perfectly fine and she could still wear it, we are not replacing it when she decides she needs it again. This goes for bras and clothes and make up and basically anything else. Because she has more clothes than anyone I've ever seen before.

She has also been putting in applications everywhere to try to get a job because we also told her that we aren't providing a phone or anything like that. If she wants to be able to talk to her friends then she needs to figure out how to pay for that. So she is trying to find something.

We still don't have her enrolled in school over here because of some screw up with how she was registered at her last school. Blah. There's really nothing we can do but wait for them to get her in. Until then we are thinking about just having her correspondence courses. It might help her get her shit together since she seems to attract the same kind of friends everywhere she goes. Losers.

Anyway, so that's how that's going.

The other kids are doing good with the change. Gaige has started riding his bike to and from school. D went and got him a new one cause his other 2 were falling apart. He thinks he's pretty cool now lol. And with his tablet I can track where he's at all times ;). Because I'm that mom.

Dawn is Dawn. Her teacher and I got together and made up a plan where she has to earn a certain number of points and she gets a reward. She has been doing pretty good with it. I don't get my hopes up too high or get excited about anything because then she will decide to go backwards. *Sigh*

The little boy is doing really well :) He's so smart sometimes it scares me lol. He loves school and he has a few friends and its adorable to watch them after school, they all say bye to each other and stuff. *Tear* My baby is growing up.

In like 2wks is mine and D's 2yr wedding anniversary. Yeah. It doesn't feel like 2yrs. But in May we will be together 11yrs. So ya know lol.

I suppose I should get to bed now. I've been dragging ass in the morning lately. It needs to stop.