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March 8, 2014

{2 Steps forward...3 steps back}

We should just count on things never working out in our favor for more than a month or so at a time.

As if Cassie moving in wasn't enough of a complete friggin upset, and an added expense, the basement is flooding. The floor drain just can't keep up with the melting snow this year.

Dave has been down there off and on all day with the shop vac trying to keep it at bay so we don't end up with a swimming pool. Its not working. There is just too much snow and the river is pretty high right now. So we are just screwed until it all dries up.

Dave and Cassie also went to her moms to get all of the stuff she had there today. She came home with a bunch of garbage bags that are now sitting in my dining room because she can't put them down stairs. I will be glad when the basement is ready so she can keep her crap downstairs. For real.

Update: D got the floor drain fixed as much as it could be tonight. I see a trip to Menard's in his future.

OK. I think I'm done cause I can't focus on a single thought at a time.