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March 28, 2014

{Nothing to Blog About}

So why not do a little survey? And since my anniversary is in just a few days, I will do one about my husband :).

What is your man’s name?

How long have you known each other?
11 years in May.

What color are his eyes?
Hazel I think lol. But most of the time I think they need to be brown ;)

Where did you first meet your man?

Were you friends before you dated?

Where did you go on your 1st date?
The mall, the movies, and steak n shake.

Do you remember what you wore or he wore on your 1st date?
Sure. Maroon top and jeans

Most fun date you two have been on?
Ummm...I don't know. The time we were on the bike and said it would be awesome if we found a carnival for some corn dogs, and then we came up on one, that was pretty awesome :)

Do you go on more alone or group dates?
Just the two of us.

Who usually pays for the date?
He does.

What does your man do to make money?
He works at CAT.

Do you normally date older or younger guys?
I've always liked older guys.

How was your first kiss?
Good ;)

Did he use any cheesy lines?

How long have ya’ll been together?
11 years

When did you meet his parents?
Ummm...I think a few days into dating.

Who said, “I love you” first?

What was the first thing he gave you?
He bought me a tongue ring with a play boy bunny on it.

What’s the most exciting thing he’s given you?
A baby :)

What does he call you?

How well does he know you?
I think he knows me pretty well.

How well do you know him?
I like to think I know him pretty well.

Do you know any of his ex’s?
I’ve met his first wife and Cassie's mom. Those are the only 2 and I don't wish to know anymore after meeting them.

Is he friends with any of his ex’s?
No way. He tried to be friends with Cassie's mom but she's crazy lol

What is his favorite thing to do?
Shoot, play video games, read, ride the bike, hike, fish.

What is one thing that really annoys him?
People that call or text him when he should be sleeping.

Are you happy?
Yes, very much so.

Do your parents like him?

Is he the best kisser out of all that you’ve kissed?
Yep :)

What does he do that gives you butterflies?
Makes me laugh ;)

Have you ever gotten into a fight?

If so what was it over?
We have been together 11yrs. There have been a few big ones.

How many kids does he want to have?
We have 5 between us...that's more than enough.

What is your best memory together?
Our wedding.

Have you talked about a future together?
Yeah. And I can't imagine one without him ❤