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January 18, 2014

{She's a Clever One!}

So Dawn got grounded again. Yes, after just getting off punishment 24 hours prior to this incident..well not even 24 hours. I don't know what goes through this kids head when she is getting her stuff back. Does she think that "hey, I got my stuff back, I can start acting a fool again." *sigh*

What did she do this time? I got this e-mail from her teacher.

"Dawn had a really rough day today. She should be giving you a detention form. You can see evidence of work we were doing today that I sent home with her and on both the current event sheet (Facts/Questions/Opinions) and the big note card, she basically refused. She sat and talked with her partner. I split their seats up but honestly other students are distracted by her vocal refusals and even with modeling how to do it, AND giving a LOT of time to work in class, she refused to do it"

So basically it's the same thing as the last time. Refusing to do the work she is supposed to be doing because she flat out does not want to. Of course I didn't hear anything about this from her, I read the e-mail and then asked her about it. To which she said "It's just a 30 minute detention". o.o I don't even know what to do with this kid.

So she got her tablet, MP3 player, and her laptop taken from her again. I also took all of her apps from her tablet and she has to earn those back one by one now. *sigh* I don't know what to do with her!

That being said, she is a very clever little girl. She bought a cheap monster high camera last year or the year before with her birthday money. It eats batteries so she doesn't get on it too much anymore. Anyway- when I went up to check on her around 10pm tonight she was fast asleep. But her camera (which she is also grounded from) was laying down beside her bed.

Now, I'm one of those mothers that will check your shit. I don't care anyone says about it I think that the world went to shit when we gave our children a say so in how our home is ran. I'm not that kind of parent. When you live with me it's my way. And everything is mine to do with as I please. I haven't checked her camera since I taught her how to pull the pictures off after our trip to St. Louis last year. So I decided what is on it now.

I found lots of pictures of Erma lol. Including one 15min video of Dawn telling her she doesn't see any birdies out there and Erma continuing to look out a window lol.

But then I stumbled across a video she took of a movie that was playing on her laptop lol. I thought that was friggin' genius. Since her camera is usually dead, I don't worry about taking it out of her room when she's grounded. So she has been watching a My Little Pony movie on her camera because she's grounded from everything.

Sneaky. Sneaky. lol