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January 23, 2014

{Throw Back Thursday}

I know that TBT is usually just a couple pictures, but I've been scanning old pictures into my laptop recently and I've got some good ones here.

Well, not really good, but they qualify for TBT lol.

And I posted on twitter (or facebook whichever one you are reading) that I should do a blog post showing my lack of a fashion sense growing up lol. And none of it can be blamed on the times, well, most of it can't. Most of the reason that I have bad pictures is because of my hair. I fell like what I wore wasn't half as bad as the shitty way my hair decided to behave when I was in middle school. I still have nightmares about it lol.

So here we go.

Above: That adorable baby in this pic, yep, that's me. I was probably 6-7mo here I think. I don't really know. The guy holding me is my great-grandpa (my moms grandpa). He passed when I was a kid. On his right is my grandmother (who passed about 5 years ago). To his left is my grandma (his daughter). There in the middle, that is my mother at 16. 

Above: That's me and my dad at my parents wedding. I was 16mo old. Love the white suit right?

Above: Oh what a day. I remember it kind of. I do remember being carried down the isle by my uncle Gary because I refused to walk in front of all those people lol. And I remember wearing my Punky Brewster shoes (which I wore everywhere). I was the flower girl obviously. I still have that dress. Well, my grandma does.

Above: Oh my gosh. I think I was..12 here? That's my brother there with me, Dustin. Do you see that curl happening with my hair right there? That was just the start. It got so much worse before it got better.

Above: My grandparents (in the pink), along with my 2 brothers (L: Caleb, R: Dustin), my sister (Miranda) and me at Niagra Falls (I don't know if it was the Canada or NY side). Do you see that? Oh my gosh. My hair got so frizzy and curly and crazy over night. It was awful. There was nothing anyone could do at the time but let it grow and hope that it would settle down at some point. What was craziest about it was that it didn't actually get curly all over. For the longest time it was curly to about my shoulders and then straight as a board the rest of the way to the middle of my back. No clue how in the hell that happened, but it did. Eventually my grandma went ahead and cut off the straight part though.

Above: Opryland in October of '95. Yep. See if my hair wasn't so messed up, I don't think I looked that bad. The jacket and the jeans (which you can't see here but were light blue and tight at the bottom..oh and you also can't see the Doc. Martins lol) were a part of the 90's. I had gotten to the point by then that I was putting half my hair up.

Above: Another trip. And more bad hair. *sigh*

Above: On our trip to California for my cousins Marine graduation, well, I think this was actually on the way home, we passed a camp ground with a Flintstones theme!! It was getting dark when we came up on it but they let us walk through anyway :). But check out that hair. The jeans...oh my god. And that wasn't a 90's fashion. I was a freshman in high school at that point. Horrible. Horrible. And to explain; the large black belt thing around my waist is a back brace. If you know me you know that I hurt my back really bad while on this trip and the doctor said I needed to wear the brace more than I didn't wear it. So that's what's up with that hideous thing.

Above: I don't know what I did with my hair for Disney Land that day (same trip as the picture before it), but it didn't look that awful lol.My sweat shirt though...hideous lol. And I believe I was wearing jean shorts. It wasn't pretty. We had a great time at Disney though ;)

Above: And then my junior year of HS I just changed. There aren't a ton of pictures of me from freshman to junior. None that I could find anyway. This was actually my HS graduation dinner. My grandma convinced me to get a perm to sort of tame the poodle puff that had become my hair. So I did. And it was a great decision! I only got one once or twice and as I got older it started getting straighter.

I think that's all the pictures I have right now of my hideous fashion. I didn't have any of me in those baggy pants and shirts that I wore constantly. And from 15 to 17 I only wore backstreet boys shirts. I'm not ashamed of those at all. I heart them ;).

Soon after this I got pregnant with Gaige. See what happens when an ugly girl gets pretty? She gets knocked up lol.

I ended up chopping my hair off and then letting it grow out and chopping it off again for years. It was a constant back and forth.

The one with the longer hair is right after I had Owen. Then I ended up chopping it off again. As you can see eventually my sense of style got better lol.

My hair has staid basically the same cut since then. You can see those on my fb lol.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that had an incredibly long awkward stage lol.