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January 9, 2014

{Parenting a Girl is Hard!}

Someone should have warned me that parenting girls is effing hard!! For the last 10yrs I've been struggling with this girl. She has a ridiculous amount of attitude and sometimes I just can not deal with it. The little girl that you see in that picture is just one of her personalities. She can be so friggin sweet and then turn around and be this evil, vindictive, eye rolling...teenager in an 11 year olds body. I swear I've never met a kid like her. She literally has a different personality for every person she is around. Someone tell me she is just a normal tween and she is not going to be like this forever. This isn't going to continue into her teen years right?

Nevermind. I've met D's other daughter. I'm screwed 7 ways to Sunday. *sigh*

I just have to keep telling myself that she will be an adult eventually and she will be super sorry for the hell she put me through. Right? Blah.